Shenzhen Upeklighting Optoelectronic Co., Ltd

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Shenzhen Upeklighting Optoelectronic Co., Ltd: Solar Home Lighting System

Shenzhen, ChinaShenzhen, China
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for profit
Project Stage:
$250,000 - $500,000
Project Summary
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Upek‘s mission: Upgrade To Low Carbon Life, Replace Low Efficiency Light. Upek Full Process Manufacturer: Creative Design; Full Electronics Process; Full Battery Quality Controll Process; Flexible Assembiy Line. And also provide Custom Design Service.

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What if poor people can be saved from kerosene lantern gas poison?
About Project

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Poor people are be harmed by kerosene lantern gas poison.

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We offer rechargeable lighting solar systems to give them healthy lighting.
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In 2014 Upek electrified a total dark village on Sumba Island, NTT in Indonesia by providing 16 solar systems.The villagers said that earlier they used to travel long distances to charge their mobiles and used to spend monthly income to purchase kerosene. Now, both problems were solved at an affordable cost. Local entrepreneurs said that now they are earning money by doing some great work.Even the local NGOs have great opinions on this rural business opportunities.

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Till date Upek has saved 90,000 tonnes of CO2 by replacing 63,000 kerosene lanterns with it's revolutionary solar lantern and home lighting system. Upek 'solar lanterns' makes the most of the count due to its higher affordability factors and direct competition with the kerosene lantern. The company has also created 42 job categories among rural market. Upek has affected the lives of over 2,10,000 rural families across 45 villages in 37 districts. By 2016, the company is all set to emerge as the market leader in this sector. By December (2014) Upek will affect a minimum of 1 million rural families by its solar products.

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There are over 1.6 billion people across the globe who are living off-grid. The only source of lighting is kerosene and candles. Millions die every year due to the smoke related health hazards. A) by December 2014: Upek sells over 2,00,000 solar lamps thus affecting the lives of over 1 million rural populations B) by December 2015: Upek sells over 3,00,000 solar lamps thus affecting the lives of over 1.5 rural populations C) by December 2016: Upek sells over 5,00,000 solar lamps thus affecting the lives of over 2.5 million rural populations.

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Today, d.Light and Greenlight Planet are two similar 'for profit social enterprises' who manufacture the lamps in China. Similar to them, Upek also manufactures its products in China to lower down the distribution cost and have a better quality control over the products. Upek products are priced very competitive and have better post sales warranty then its competitors. Upek also has a developed a unique DSM-TL distribution model (proprietor distribution channel).

Founding Story

During a business trip in Asia, we come to Indonesia. When we chatted with some Indonesian natives, they were upset and complaining about the emergency lights they bought. They told us that their emergency lights need to be replaced 12 times in two months, and complained that no brand could be trust. This situation triggered us to rethink about brand. Product and service must meet customer demand and satisfaction. If Chinese manufacturers always provide cheaper products with low quality, it would not help either us or our customers. These were difficulties and challenges that pushed us to achieve one micro innovation after another, and now we believe our product is a leading one on the market!


Founder Wilson Gu, General Manager Jing Chen and other talents.


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