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Soap4Life: Empowering Women Of Lao, PDR

Vientiane, LaosNonghet, Laos
Year Founded:
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$10,000 - $50,000
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Soap4Life is a small hands-on humanitarian organization, dedicated to the development and support of economic opportunities for critically impoverished families living in remote rural Lao, PDR.
By training women to make and sell soap, we impact health, business and empowerment problems that exist

About Project

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The is a high infant mortality rate in Lao. Per capita income $2.85 per day... 44% live on less than $1,25 per day. There is no affordable soap in remote villages. Women are not represented in village committees due to the low economic status. Women who do not have employment are used to labor on Vietnamese corn farms on steep mountain sloops with toxic chemicals.

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Soap4Life trains women to make and sell healthy natural soap using locally sourced materials and supplies. Our training benefits the village people with: 1. Hygiene: clean people and clean clothes lead to improved health. 2. Income: soap sales bring income and improved village economies. 3. Empowerment: for village people, especially women