SunCycles Namibia

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SunCycles Namibia: Access to affordable e-mobility and electrizity via solar powered E-Bikes

Windhoek, NamibiaWindhoek, Namibia
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$1,000 - $10,000
Project Summary
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E-Mobility is the future tranport. SunCycles Namibia gives low income population access to afffordable and sustainable e-mobility and electricity solutions by solar powered e-bikes, the most efficient way of moving people and goods.

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What if access to labour and goodsmarkets is not depending on income?
About Project

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87% of the population in Namibia doesn’t own a car; 25% of income is spent on transport; 15% of income is spent on electricity. The average distance travelled by a student/commuter is between 20-30 km /day. The use of normal bikes is not appropriate because of the hills and the heat. Because there is limited public transport, taxis are the main mode of transport nad a sustainable and affordable tranport system is missing.

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Solar powered E-Bikes can give people access to labour and good markets as well as access to health and education facilities. The costs of a solar E-Bike is around 1/30 the price of a taxis per km. Besides the battery can be used to power basic electric items in off-grid areas like light and communication.

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The saving for the individualls by using E-Bikes can be used to pay it off within 1,5 years. Additional cashflow is created by tourists renting E-Bikes.

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solar powered E-Bikes are new to Namibia.

Founding Story

Windhoek is one of the best places for photovoltaic systems (2000kWh/kWp*Year) in the world. No public transport system, all is done by taxis. E-Bike technology is the most efficient way of moving.


Marita van Rooyen, Founder, Full-Time Bernhard Walther, founder, Full-Time