Shkoder, Albania
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To contribute to a sustainable increase in the food and agriculture sector's competitiveness maximizing contribution to the economic growth essential to relieve poverty. The specific goal is to increase rural income and employment. through measures to help boost the local family's productivity.

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Problem: What problem is this project trying to address?

Main problems can summarized as follows: small- and micro-size producers have as a result of the inadequacy of their own fixed and human capital; lack of technical and business-management know-how, lack of protection for resources being depleted, floods, and limited common resources such as roads and access to marketing centers.

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The proposed project will help re-energize food and agricultural production in the semi rural and rural outskirts of the Shkoder province by alleviating the problems that small- and mid-size producers have working to correct disadvantages through measures that will improve production and product quality, diversify production and processing, strengthen the producers' organizational capacity to enable them to interact with other parties in the agri-food chain, give them better access to markets and build up the institutional capacity for rural development management.
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The project promotes economic growth and job creation in the rural sector as a strategy for combatting poverty. It supports activities that further rural women's personal growth and empower them to increase the family unit's productivity. The underlying premise of the project is that productive revitalization of the food and agriculture sector represents an important percentage of the economy, react quickly to investment stimuli, is labor-intensive . All this can be achieved via three main lines of action: a. Better use of the factors of production throug h the marketplace. b. Better endowment of productive resources to sustain growth. c. Better community management of the amicultural sector

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An increase in employment and income in the rural sector. Better income distribution. An increase in the real agricultural and food product in the program area, both per hectare and per beneficiary. Increase in the total real value-added in involved areas. Coordination with other rural development programs.

Financial Sustainability Plan: What is this solution’s plan to ensure financial sustainability?

The portion of the project's first phase that has already been carried out confirms that the institutional organization of the executing agency is satisfactory for the program's implementation. Measures have been taken to guarantee the project's continuing institutional and financial viability, Contributions from the beneficiary communities have been factored in and efforts will be made to increase their participation

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Different international organizations are providing support in the area of agricultural health, seed certification, agricultural statistics and price and market information. Their efforts are client-oriented and encourags private-sector involvement in the delivery of services. An agroforestry conservation and management program was approved since 2008 whose purpose was to improve sustainable management of protected areas and boost small producers' productivity by establishing agroforestry and agrosilvopastoral systems, management of natural woodlands and multi-use forests.

Founding Story

The program is broad in scope, not just in terms of the type of actions but the target groups as well. the project qualifies as a poverty-targeted investment since over 50% of the population it serves is below the poverty threshold. The prject serves 3 municipalities, in the most poor districts around the city of Shkoder , There are 20. 000 people living in this area, 30 % of the local's rural population. Some 75% of the rural population of this region, are poor. The project supports projects that further rural women's personal growth and empower them to increase the family unit's productivity.
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, SH, Shkoder

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Nutrients For All
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Nutrient-rich farming, Full nourishment foods.

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Healthy environments, Human wellness and vitality.

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A new program devised will more effectively address three
essential elements of the strategy to combat poverty by promoting
economic growth: (a) improvement of human and institutional
capital and more efficient use of productive technology in the food
and agriculture sector; (b) rehabilitation and improvement of
productive physical capital; and (c) improved access of small
producers to markets of products and inputs.