Creation of Cooperatives and Associations for Plant production, extraction, transformation

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Creation of Cooperatives and Associations for Plant production, extraction, transformation

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Workshops for extraction of the leaves of indigenous plants grown by farmers will be established to make a protein-rich supplement for children and pregnant women. Farmers will also grow organic herbs and vegetables for increased income.

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Many children between 6 months and 6 years are underweight, stunting is common. Mortality in childbirth is still prevalent. Low income in the rural areas is the norm; vegetable production is mainly for consumption, marketing is less common.
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Canadian Centre for Prosperity and Autonomy Lesotho Branch
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Canadian Centre for Prosperity and Autonomy Lesotho Branch

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Canadian Centre for Prosperity and Autonomy Lesotho Branch

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The nutritional supplement is produced from plants grown locally so that improved nutrition for the children and pregnant women also increases income for local farmers and gardeners. Establishment of a rotating fund for farmers allows initiation of many small agriculturally related businesses. Increased income and food production generally means better health for families.

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The supplement has been offered to a few people (adult with TB, HIV+ and her child..)with positive results.


A projects committee formed from various local and international NGO's is formed; a consultant is preparing a manual for the extraction workshop functioning, agricultural techniques for water conservation, formation of cooperatives, etc. for the training of area coordinators who will guide the farmers and gardeners in the production, extraction, transformation of plants and distribution of the supplement to children and pregnant women who come to government clinics. The families of children and the pregnant women will also be assisted in nutrition education and preparation of gardens. Markets for the vegetables are already being established in local grocery and shops.The NGO is beginning to study the best method of establishing microfinancing for the farmers and gardeners. Funding applications are being sent to donors.


Formation of 50 agricultural cooperatives in the country over the next 20 months and establishment of 10 extraction workshops for production of the supplement. Formation of farmer marketing consultation groups, increased market of products. Transformation, packaging of vegetable and herbs.
Increased income for the farmers, gardeners; improved health for the children and women receiving supplement (made from the high protein indigenous plants) Initiative to start other small agricultural related businesses for income generation.

What will it take for your project to be successful over the next three years? Please address each year separately, if possible.

Unified action of the projects committee in following a strategic plan- inviting members of their respective organizations to participate in the project and sustain action. Funds for purchase of workshop machinery, transportation, area coordinators and assistants salaries, leaf crop, etc.

What would prevent your project from being a success?

apathy or conflict among NGO members or participants; lack of funds\
There is a barrier to overcome that people tend to be given inputs rather than receiving loans and taking responsibility for repayment that certain institutions in the country are investigating in order to make a lasting change.

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$50 - 100

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Operating for less than a year

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Canadian Centre for Prosperity and Autonomy Lesotho Branch

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Less than a year

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The partnership with Ministry of Forestry will allow the farmers to plant leguminous trees around their fields (for free) and increase vegetable production.The Ministry will also provide cement and stone for water catchers for irrigation systems that will assist production.
The partnerships with the local NGO's allows us to work directly in the community with people having experience on the ground and find participants for the growing and collection of the indigenous plants. The Agriculture Ministry nutritionists were the ones identifying the need of nutritional supplementation of the children and the particular plants chosen as substrate for the supplement. There is a movement in the country for NGO's to work together to reduce wasted time ,energy and money.(ex. Letsema group for orphans and vulnerable children of which we are members)

What are the three most important actions needed to grow your initiative or organization?

Regular consultation of the projects committee; accomplishment of fundseeking for purchase of seeds,irrigation equipment, machinery and salaries; initiation of production and/or picking of the indigenous plants, and their extraction into the supplement so that the distribution to the children and pregnant women can begin on a large scale.

The Story
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In the 1990's a friend sent a write-up on the internet about a feasibility study from Sri Lanka that showed how leaf extracts from certain plants could eliminate malnutrition in young children. As a question of justice, that all children should have the right to grow up healthy, I felt it was important to attempt to establish this project so that UNICEF

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The supplement is produced in the country where it will be distributed building the economy of that country rather than being purchased from outside, this is promoting the local development and building the health of the rural children.

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