Enhance child nutrition through imporved food security, better health & inproved community support services

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Enhance child nutrition through imporved food security, better health & inproved community support services

Sri Lanka
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
$10,000 - $50,000
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Improve child malnutrition of selected 24 communities within 18 months through safe & adequate water supply, improved food security and sound local government support services at community level

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Sri Lanka a “middle income country” , has just emerged as a war free country, working towards meeting its Millennium Development Goals. Decades long conflicts and natural disasters have prevented the equal distribution of development and access to resources to all parts of the country, thus resulting in poverty, lack of access to resources and services, and remoteness. The districts of Ampara and Batticaloa are post war zones in Eastern province of Sri lanka, which also have experienced Tsunami 2004. Hambantota of the Southern province also suffered from the tsunami, while Monaragala of Uva Province has suffers much due to remoteness and frequent natural disasters such as droughts. While some donor funded water supply projects have been carried out in these areas, the lack of after services support and maintenance from the local governments have resulted in deteriorated water supply mechanisms and thus inadequate water supply. These communities have also been identified poor in terms of health and nutrition condition as well as economy. .
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COSI Foundation for Technical Coopertation

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The proposed project provides an integrated approach to address malnutrition, food security, and improved health, better access to water supply for a sustainable and self reliant community.

The proposed project is expected to address and to facilitate/enhance/establish social and institutional sustainability, along with environmental, technical , and economic sustainability of the project interventions.

We propose to use
participatory approaches in project planning, implementation and monitoring processes together with CBOs and the government’s existing community support systems;
Learning Alliance;
and maximize the use of environmental resources;
low cost project interventions at grass-root levels.

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As this project is proposed to be implemented in areas that have faced war conflict and frequent natural disasters, replication of the project within the country, especially in the Northern parts of Sri Lanka would prove to be relatively easy. The project model base on Participatory approaches values the needs and the outlook of the beneficiary communities, and will ensure to deliver what they want and not what someone else want. The simple and cost effective methods proposed will also enhance the reliability and ensure sustainability.
Furthermore, the same project model could be implemented in other South Asian regions with little modifications to suit the country context as well.


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COSI Foundation

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Working together and partnering with many regional and international development oriented organizations (example-IRC,IWMI)has provided us with new and innovative community development and participatory approaches that are beneficial in developing and executing sustainable community driven interventions in the places where we work. Our partnerships allow us to share regional knowledge and experience so that each of us will work better.

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1. Networking with the local government support staff, the CBOs and the community and establishing the Learning Alliance for sustainability (Which can later be incorporated to each of their mandates as a part of their duty)
2. Use of participatory approaches in all stages of the project from Pre-Programme Phase, Project Implementation Phase - Phase out to promote sustainability of the interventions and maintain transparency

The Story
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Today, some provinces of Sri Lanka has undertaken Resettlement of IDPs (Internally Displaced Personnel)of war and natural disasters and rehabilitation of infrastructure and services. In order to enhance the development processes of these provices and also make the development initiative sustainable the communties and the local governments must work together. People now must move away from "donor dependency" and start to stand on their own. To support these communities "health" is a good stating point as it relates to food security, adequate safe water supply,children,

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Mr. Keerthi Sri Wijesinghe;
Senior Programme Officer, COSI Foundation (Sri Lanka)
Keerthi Sri Wijesinghe has nearly 30 years of as a community developer in rural, peri urban and urban low income communities with extensive skills in motivation, designing and conducting baseline surveys and evaluating findings. As a community developer Keerthi has experience in planning, monitoring, evaluation of projects/programmes, in the field of water, environmental sanitation and hygiene projects and cconducting training programmes for Technical Officers and CBO officials/members.

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