Path to good practices with a touch

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Path to good practices with a touch

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"Dissemination of Knowledge and awareness in appropriate application of traditional good feeding & management methodologies practicedby past generations with nursing mothers and children under 2 years that could be learnt through a e learning digital contents with a touch button screen at village weekly maternity clinic

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Mal-nutrition has been identified as major issue of Sri Lanka and reports confirmed that 30% of children are malnourished. Although the causes of malnutrition are multifunctional, recent findings show clearly that the outcome was not as expected due to the reasons such as Low income or poverty. But improper and lack of knowledge in selection of nutritious food, preparation and consumption practices. Lack of attempts to implement effective sustainable interventions to address these issues by providing knowledge through reachable educational methodology on nutrition & health.
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Social Performence Development Centre
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Social Performence Development Centre

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Empower women to make use of simple application of ICT during their idling hours at the clinics that will convert to e learning activities creating opportunities for them to network with each other and learnt good feeding & health practices of the past generations to get rid of malnutrition enhancing their knowledge in nutrition towards a healthy lifestyle.

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Being an idea we can not determine the impact.But the impact we had during the past few generations where they practiced traditional feeding practices and consumption behavior pattern that resulted healthy children through continious breast feeding and good food consumption behavioral patterns utilizing the ingreidients of their envirnment.Hence we can expect the same impact once we could offer the knowledge and awareness to the present generations


We expect to address those issues in an innovative manner introducing an easy to access and reachable knowledge dissemination system and e-learning methodology for pregnant /nursing mothers at maternal clinics which is the most convenient place to them to learn where they spend around two waiting hours fortnightly before and after the delivery until they get the opportunity to see the public health service providers. This would be an innovative and unique initiative to introduce a digital learning system in their own language with a touch button screen. In this attempt we intend to address the issue of cultural, eating and behavioral changes, awareness on nutritious values of supplementary food that could be found within their vicinity and forgotten traditional good practices of previous generations in addressing malnutrition among the target groups and sharing their knowhow and success stories with others.


Knowledge gained by pregnant and nursing mothers in good feeding and management practices used to address the causes for malnutrition by older generations [last three generations] in get rid of malnutrition and assured good health of mothers and children under 2 years old. Know how in utilization resources and low cost ingredients available in their environment to prepare innovative home based food preparation and recipes with high nutritive values and appropriate food preservation methods. A developed and effective easy to use communication system for receiving information, knowledge and gained literacy by village women to handle technology by themselves.

What will it take for your project to be successful over the next three years? Please address each year separately, if possible.

Year 1
It is proved in the past that good management and food consumption patterns and practices applied for pregnant /nursing mothers at village level had been success in get rid of malnutrition and maintain good health among children under years old. These practices have already being forgotten and disappearing from the society due to lack of knowledge and practices at house hold level. Hence introducing these methods and recipes for the present generation will may not attractive in the initial stages of the first year but once they start preparing the food in accordance with the recipes and follow up discussions with their elders at households and interaction with other s will promote this an attempt being an interesting and popular mode of obtain information.
Upgrading the content with the case studies and success stories will be more attractive for the target group. At this stage we would like to raise funds by promoting private sector services and products for upgrading the activities by introducing a wider and larger screen with multimedia to make it more attractive and wider usage.
Year 3
The outcome of the first 2 years will be enable us to replicate this in other areas to make it the most popular source for dissemination of information for pregnant/nursing mothers. In this stage the popularity of the activities would attract private sector service providers to promote their products that definitely ensure the sustainability of this project.

What would prevent your project from being a success?

The present day products in the competitive market by the multimillion companies to address these issues will make use of their resources, especially the medical practioners to raise opinions against these traditional food preparation and recipes. The reluctant of village mothers to come forward to make use of the new technology due to their cultural and educational gaps and barriers. The limitation of services due to the small size of the screen which can cater only 3-4 mothers at a time and inability to get the desired e learning content individually at a time they could manage and convenient as they mostly have to depend on the needs of the person operate first.

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Less than $50

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Idea phase

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Social Performence Development Centre

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1‐5 years

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Social Performance Development centre is consist with professionals in various fields ,especially their experience and experts in handling ICT for grass root level development activities and capability of resource mobilization at village level would be an advantage for the project to be a success. Further their relationship being a member of the provincial Micro/Small enterprise development Forum and their experience in launching the e learning process for dairy farmers through touch button screens at grass root [] would be the most significant and critical approach in make this a success.

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We have to assure the active participation of the end recipients, public /private sector service providers in implementing this project. The second need is to collect required information and learning components by carrying out a survey to find out those information and verifications of these information by the prominent elders and intellectuals in the villages to ensure safety and authenticity of these advices and information. Finally the other most important factor is preparing the digital e learning components in a most simple and attractive manner with easy access to select and reach the information required by the end recipients.

The Story
What was the defining moment that led you to this innovation?

Being a member of the pilot e dairy e extension programme implemented at grass root level to empower the small dairy farmers to ensure productivity in their day to day activities, [] I got this idea during our field activities where we visited places where the community gathered. During such visits to a maternity clinic it was highlighted by the medical officer, the idle time these mothers spent during the day in the clinics waiting for their opportunity to see the doctors and other health officials. Hence the discussion we took part, resulted the idea of utilizing the touch button screen process we use for dairy farmers to introduce it as a mode of information dissemination and utilize the idling time of mothers at the clinics to make them empowered with required awareness and knowledge. Then in the discussions it was highlighted the good practices in old days during the pregnancy and nursing period and mothers ability to continue breast feeding as a result of these good practices in the past to assure the good health condition of the nursing mothers as well as children under 2 years. This resulted me to start up brainstorming with other experts in make this proposal to ensure information rich group of mothers who could be healthy enough to continue breast feeding at least during the first 6 months.

Tell us about the social innovator behind this idea.

I am being a trainer in promoting social enterprises at grass root level ,had the oppurtunity to interact with significant number of entreprenuers and community groups at field level and specially Mr Sunil Rodrigo emcouraged my innovative idea of make use of ICT for awareness in good practices of old days to over come malnutirtion.

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