Vayambu or Acorus calamus mixed in honey and breast feeding for children between 1 to 4 years old.

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Vayambu or Acorus calamus mixed in honey and breast feeding for children between 1 to 4 years old.

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This idea is a traditional idea of India which can be implemented in Mekelle in Ethiopia. The idea involves breast feeding and the administration of Vayambu, or Acorus calamus mixed in honey regularly for Aynalem village children for achieving higher intelligence.

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The main problem is the finance and the the facilties in the school. The main problem is educational status of the mothers and the second is the health conditions of the primary and secondary school children. The mothers need regualr classes atleast every Saturday and Sunday on basic health matters and infant care. Also about basic environmental management. The children in school need food supply, then educational materials. So there requires some adequate finance and also the regular support from the administration and from the graduate students as vollunteers. These graduate students are also from poor families and their effort to help the mothers and the children of Aynalem can be supported by some payment which can be used by them for their studies.
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Mekelle University, Ethiopia
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Mekelle University, Ethiopia

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Mekelle University, Ethiopia

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Mekelle, Ethiopia

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The product quality in schools and in University are found very weak in their intelligence in Ethiopia compared to their European, American or Indian counterparts. This can be changed for a period of some ten years with regular concentration on the education of breast feeding and administration of vayambu mixed with honey in Aynalem children and later on can be introduced into anywhere and everywhere in Ethiopia and all of Africa and other weaker sections of the world.
The breast feeding and the administration of vayambu is a combination of ethical way of improving the intelligence and complete mental and physical health among Ethiopian children, with a focussed introduction of the method in Aynalem village in Mekelle, Tigray Regional State in Ethiopia.

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What impact have you had?

Presently we have not introduced the Vayambu mixed with honey as medicine. But we made a educational campaigning about breast feeding among Aynalem mothers. They have responded effectively and everyone follows it strictly.
Secondly, we have introduced a educational program for children and also to their mothers of Aynalem village. The children are basically studying in Aynalem Comp Elementary School, between 1 st Grade or Class to 8 Grade or Class. These students have been attending Saturday and Sunday classes to get revision of their school lesons that they study Monday to Friday. This, I am managing throough graduate students of Mekelle University. They are very good in Mathematics, physics, chemistry and other sciences. Also some students good in English Language. So they give classes on these languages and subjects.
These students also are required to put under the New Nutriotious program which will be other than the program mentioned. They need to have a vegatarian based plus regular milk and egg supply and some fruti juices and essential supply of Butter as their regular intake.
So this program is of two divisions. The present strategies is to give importance to give nutritious medicinal supply to infants and also to give education about breast feeding among mothers and then nutriotious food supply and regular classes on Saturday and Sunday for primary and secondary school children.


The products Vayambu should imported from India through some emdicinal or health centre in Ethiopia. Then the education on breast feeding which is already going on should be intensified.
Third there should be supply of food items, like Butter, Milk, Egg and fruits and vegetable for the primary and secondary school children.
Then calsses will be conducted on Saturday and Sunday to support the school children to revise their school lessons in the previous week. This will be be carried out by graduate students and myself. these gradaute students will be paid some money for travel to and fro from university to Aynalem and also to support their studies. These are the complete plan to improve the quality of school children who are coming to Mekelle and other universities in Ethiopia. This can be implemented anywhere in the world and is a well fitting model to any community.


We have good results about our Saturday and Sunday classes to improve the discipline among school children. Mothers in Aynalem now take extra care on the matters of education and cleanliness of the children. The education on early fgetting up, going to toilet and also to clean the teeth and to take bath in cold water for refreshment and mental sharpness has given good results.
Regarding the breast feeding, the mothers have resonded very well and they do it, by j=keeping their own health very well by taking nutriotious food. Ecautional classes are conducted to take the feedback on these matters on every Saturday and Sunday.

What will it take for your project to be successful over the next three years? Please address each year separately, if possible.

First year: Educating the mothers of Aynalem about breast feeding, perosnal cleanliness for them and also for their husbands and their children. Daily routines like personal cleanliness of their children, daily bath in cold water for their children. The feeding nutritious food for their children with the support f the project or from other funding.
Also included are classes on Saturdays and Sundays to educate the children to revise their school lessons. Then suppply of nutriotious food items (Butter, milk, eggs, fruits and vegetables) to these children on daily basis.
Seconda Year: This program will be intensified to other villages like other part of Mekelle City.
Regular excercises for mental sharpness and intelligence will be given on daily basis. These excercises include breathing excercises and warm up excercises and brain stimulating excercises like Surya Namaskar of India.
Third Year: The project will be implemented in Atse Yohannes Preparatory school where 11 and 12 grade students are studying. By introducing these, the quality of products coming to University of Mekelle or any other univerity in Ethiopia can be improved. This will increase overall intelligence of the Ethiopian future communities.

What would prevent your project from being a success?

The low income groups of the society in Aynalem needs adequate support. They need very good project with committed people to carry ot this multifaced project. The nutritious food supply, herbal medicine supply , regular food items and regular calsses delivery and regular excercises sessions conducting requires really motivated paid volunteers which can be availed from Mekelle Institute of technology in Aynalem and also from Mekelle University which are very near to Aynalem village.
The main prevention is finance and the next is commiteted volunteers. This can be managed by using poaid volunteership.

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Less than $50

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Operating for less than a year

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We are doing this work as individual commited charity work. We are planning to make a NGO named as Sustainable Africa Initiative

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Less than a year

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The Sustainable Africa Initiative is non-registered NGO, which will be registered soon. I am member of Mekelle Unievrsity, who introduced this work. I have insppired many Ethiopian youngsters to start this orgaisation. Thus, they are on the way to registration. Soon within two weeks time the registration will be done.
We need to have partnerships with other local government bodies to carry out this community work. We are in discussion with local givernment bodies.

What are the three most important actions needed to grow your initiative or organization?

1. the registration of the NGO as Sustainable Africa Initiative. Which will be done soon. The success of this project funding will atek a long way.
2. The funding need to put for getting the medicne and the food regularly.
3. the paid volunteerships shouls be implemented for students from Mekelle University and MIT, Aynalem, who can deliver Saturaday and Sunday classes.

The Story
What was the defining moment that led you to this innovation?

I have been strongly moved and deeply pained by the low performances of many of the students who failed in examinations in Mekelle University, who are my students. Their efforts could not improve by themselves. Their intelligence level is very low. This moved me to start from the source of intelligence , that is innovate the life of mothers of Ethiopia and improve intelligence by birth by improving the quality and health of mothers of Ethiopia.

Tell us about the social innovator behind this idea.

The ideas of Mahathma Gandhi on vegetarianism and golbal village and the man-making education of Swami Vivekananda and the spiritual knowledge as nectar from SAi Baba of Shirdi and Sri RAmakrishna on quality human beings by good food and good work, are the pillars and the source of this idea to innovate and educate the rural Ethiopia.

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Web Search (e.g., Google or Yahoo)

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