The Maya Nut Program

The Maya Nut Program provides a new paradigm of community based conservation which focuses on women as the caretakers of the family and the environment. By providing women with the skills they need to earn income and feed their children, we improve women's lives and the lives of their families.

Our program is unique because it addresses key factors for sustainable livelihoods in one program: Sociocultural, Environmental and Economic

We train rural women about the nutrition, processing, recipes and marketing of Maya Nut, this motivates them to conserve rainforest, plant trees and get organized to produce and market Maya Nut products so that they can earn income.

One Maya Nut tree can produce up to 400lb of food per year!
A family with 30 mature trees can improve their food supply, health and income.

Maya Nut leaves are excellent fodder for cows and goats, providing yet another benefit for families.



main Crested Butte, Colorado
United States
38° 52' 6.5568" N, 106° 59' 11.4144" W


It is wonderful to know that the Equilibrium Fund is helping indigenous people to re-evaluate the importance of the Maya Nut seeds as a valuable nutrition produce that helps families' healthy nutrition and income as well as great for the environment supplying food for horses, cows, goats, and yet another benefit, supports the conservation of the environment and wildlife. Our Maya Foundation In Laakeech has a Maya Children Nutrition Program helping malnourish children regain their health and promoting nutrition awareness to rural mothers with programs that include healthy eating and cooking classes with healthy ingredients. We have plenty Maya Nut trees in our rural area and would like to re-introduce the Maya Nut or Ramon in their diets. Can you send us further information, recipes, and if the way you hope to work with other sustainable civil societies, such as ours, to implement lasting impacts of your project. Any material your Org. is willing to share with us will be highly appreciated. Please contact us [email protected]