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Do It Yourself Medicine: Free Mobile/Desktop App with Free DIY Medicine Books, a VideoTalk & more...

Toronto, CanadaToronto, Canada
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GroveBodyPartChart is a Mobile/Desktop/Tablet/Android device App...On your iPhone or Android or desktop computer or laptop, type in into the address bar, while you are on the internet...Choose HTML5 view from your desktop...You get DIY medicine books for free & more...

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What if people knew how to cure Cancer, Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, Epilepsy & more common ailments, without going to a doctor or a hospital?
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This project is trying to address the problem of people who are ill who don't want to go to a doctor, who don't have health insurance, who don't have access to hospitals, or who just like to fix things themselves, including themselves...

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Our Grove Body Part Chart simplifies the body into 11 key organs...It shows how each organ contains 2 opposing elements that live in balance as opposites...In the App, you get free access to the 3 books in the Grove health Science series...The books answer some pretty complicated disease questions in a simple enough way to empower those who are sick to help themselves proactively to get better...The books don't just give answers, they teach you how to think, so you can move forward with this method & heal yourself...
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You find a lump in your breast...You get our App on your iPhone at download the free books to your free Kindle app...You read the books or just search for breast or Cancer, to find some answers...You find out that Cancer is a Calcium excess in the Adrenal Gland caused most often by exposure birth control drugs which are all calcium based...You learn that Iodine is Calcium's opposite...You find out where to get things with Iodine in them in the real world...You choose which Iodine thing you prefer, & begin taking it...For example, you start taking Iodoral tablets, 12 mg. a day to get Iodine...After 2 months, your breast lump disappears...You have now avoided surgery, biopsies, doctors, hospitals, chemo & radiation...

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Writing books is pretty low investment...Mostly labour...Making the App was also done in house so was affordable...We are still working on Book 3 at this time, but that is only costing time & energy... Growth will come as the project, the books, the App, gain interest...growth will be organic, meaning, based on opportunities that arise & demand...So far we have been getting alot of good support & excellent feedback...

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Many people write medical books...Nobody though has invented the Grove Body Part Chart which is a handy chart to refer to when medical questions get complicated...Not many offer their books for free...The author is female(with support from her male husband), so the perspective is slightly different from most medical books...The author comes from an artist's life, so there are creative opinions & interesting pictures that you don't get in "normal" health type books...


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