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Nordixx Pole Walking Canada: The Smarter Way to Walk

CanadaToronto, Canada
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for profit
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$250,000 - $500,000
Project Summary
Elevator Pitch

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Inactivity is the root cause of 75% of most health issues out there today, such as Diabetes, Obesity, High Blood Pressure, Osteoporosis, Neck/Back pain and more.

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We could have a proven program that would help to not only reduce, but reverse and prevent most of these issues. We do and it is called Nordic Pole Walking.
About Project

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75% of people prefer walking as their preferred physical activity. However, with today's population more people are having difficulty just walking due to the growth of health issues in our society. More people are becoming sedentary, which is exacerbating the issues. Health care costs are rising and we are heading to a major shortage of funding in this area. We need a simple, low cost, easy to do activity and Nordic Pole Walking is that ACTIVITY.

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By just adding Nordic Walking Poles to your walking routine, you are now working 90% of your body muscles in one exercise. Over 100 Studies globally that show we can reduce/eliminate medication for type 2 diabetics they day you walk with the poles, burn up to 45% more calories, increase cardio by 25%, rebuild bone density, take 25% pressure off your knees, hips, reduce/eliminate back/neck shoulder pain, improve mental health. In one simple exercise. Training people to become group leaders will provide opportunities to earn a revenue stream, assist in helping people become healthier, reduce the burden on our current health care program and provide a low cost, east to do activity THAT IS PROVEN.
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People living with type 2 diabetes, take medication on a daily basis in order to help burn blood sugar. Insulin required for this process is costly. Global studies show that they day people who live with type 2 diabetes walk with the poles, either reduce or eliminate the need for medication that same day. AS you are now working 90%of your muscles in one exercise your body is burning more blood sugar. We can develop programs and certify Instructors all across Canada who would take weekly Nordic Walking groups out specific for Type 2 diabetics. This can also be done, for people with high Blood pressure, obesity, Osteoporosis, Back/Neck pain, Arthritis, Parkinson's, Mental Health and more

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Looking just a people living with type 2 diabetes. There are currently 8MM people in Canada with this disease. It has been shown that if one person walked three times per week for 45 minutes with poles, they could eliminate their need for medication. The average cost per person per year for medication is $4k, if we could get 1% of this population to Nordic Pole Walk or $80K people that translates to $320MM in reduced costs. Not to mention people are getting healthier and we would be providing work for thousands of Instructors across Canada

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The Unitesd States is 10 times the size of Canada. 1% of their Market is $3.2B

Financial Sustainability Plan: What is this solution’s plan to ensure financial sustainability?

The more people who are involved the more Nordic Pole Walking is catching on. Nordic Pole Walking is growing on a global scale, more studies are coming out on the benefits and support showing the tremendous impact this simple and easy to do activity. In Germany all Insurance companies have to pay for Nordic Pole Walking programs by Government regulation. This too will occur in North America as Insurance Companies with profit substantially.

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Our market is North America. There is a need to introduce a program that people can easily do and is not costly. There are other companies out there who sell Nordic Walking Poles, but they are focused more on Sales and not Educating people and developing programs. This is how it has become successful in Europe and now over 15MM people walk with poles there.

Founding Story

Nordic Pole Walking was brought to Canada by Dr. Klaus Schwanbeck (the previous manger of the the German track and Field Olympic team and the person who devloped our program in Canada) who was pole walking on the beach In Naples Florida when someone asked him what he was doing. He explained and the individual asked if he would come to Sunnybrook hospital to complete a Demonstration. SUnnybook instantly adopted the program and Dr. Schwanbeck was given more opportunities to present his program as other institutions got wind off this phenomenal activity. There are now over 50 Associations across Canada who have partnered with Nordic to promote Nordic Pole Walking.


We currently have 24 distributors across Canada and the United States and are in over 50 Retail locations and have over 500 Certified Instructors.