Aromatherapy For All

Aromatherapy For All

BahamasNassau, Bahamas
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$50,000 - $100,000
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Oh! Natural Aromatherapy provides a totally natural and fragrant way of holistic treatments. We use 100% organic essential oils, and byproduct that are eco-friendly and biodegradible. Through consultations methods are perscribed they include inhalation (by diffusing), baths and topical applications ultimately affect mooding changes, promoting good health and well-being.

About Project

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In 2011 the entire Bahamas was affect by a spreading dengue virus and in 2006 there were two reported cases of malaria. Both problems were recognized by the Center for Disease Control in the US and a warning was given to US travelers. The Bahamas has a high illegal immigrant population and many felt that the unsanitary conditions and poor housing standards did not help this situation. As a result many of the hospitals and medical facilities were filled to capacity during 2011. This brought to the forefront a need for preventative measures and holistic treatments to prevent any future outbreaks. Needed are preventative measures in the overpopulated immigrant communities and an aggressive mosquito eradication efforts.

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Oh! Natural Aromatherapy's solution initially is to build a web-base retail business around the sale of 100% Organic Essential Oil base products and byproducts. Later building partnerships with Governments and other community organizations to educate and service the growing underserved immigrant population in the Bahamas. The proposal is to further build the already established clientele and then specifically create a care kits to combat some of the common illness seen at the local hospitals and community clinics. These are treatments such that are known to be insect repellants (Citronella, Lavender, Eucalyptus and Lemongrass Essential Oils) among other treatments. This is only one of a multitude of kits we can prepare with holistic health remedies. Additionally, engage the underserved community in the solution by implimenting training programs. The establishment of a farm and a distillery would also provide employment.
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The Model I propose is to build a retail web-based business, establishing a presence and a clientele. Continue to participate in seminars and trade shows, solicit partnerships with persons in the underserved communities such as churches and schools. Then I propose embark on a marketing campaign, followed by doing a further feasibility study on the viabilty of establishing a farm and distillery in the Bahamas.

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My peers would be fellow entrepreneurs with similar ideas. Trying to establish similar business ideas for the moment I know of none. My competitors would be the medical industry, pharmaceutical companies and possible medical supply companies who create care kits for inpatients. What differentiats me from the others is that we are taking a holistic approach to health. Our method would effect the mind, body and soul of our clients. In a public health system some treatments and medications are free. This would be our major challenge because we cannot give away our products. Another challenge could be the quantity of stock in inventory. Additionally, most medications have a longer shelf life. Therefore, our challenge would be to move the inventory before it expires.

Founding Story

My "Aha" moment was when I was sitting at the dinner table with a relative who had a headache. He did not like taking pills and was suffering with the headache. I recommended treatment with one of my oils it worked and I had my first customer. The Company Name and Mission Statement soon followed. "Oh! Natural Aromatherapy". "Aromatherapy for the entire family".
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Oh! Natural Aromatherapy
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Oh! Natural Aromatherapy

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Access to talent, Access to technology, Access to economic opportunity.

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The projected impact would be to lessen the outbreaks of Malaria, Dengue Fever or any other viruses or diseases spread due to mosquitos, or unsanitary conditions.

What barriers might hinder the success of your project? How do you plan to overcome them?

Lack of funding, lack of partnerships and a language barrier. At the moment the plan to find funding is to shop my idea around and see if I can catch the attention of an investor. My goal is to convince this indivdual of the many benefits of holistic treatments verses conventional medicines. As for finding partners the will take a stong selling point the would have immediate results. As for the language barrier my plan would be to hire an immigrant that how has Bahamian Status to work in the country and train this individual.

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Establish the Website

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Task 1

Build Partnerships with the church and schools in the Underserved Communities

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Expand the Marketing Campaign

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Build Parterships with the Government & the Private Sector

Tell us about your partnerships

At the moment I have existing partnerships with three suppliers in the US, one in the UK, and a Educational Institue in the South of France. The facility in France also serves as a grower and distributor for the products. Currently I am working on creating a partner ship with a company in Sri Lanka. However, in the expansion plan, I would like to create a farm and distillery in the Bahamas. Additionally, I do my endeavor best to partner with the schools, church's and civic organizations to educate and market my products.

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At the moment I do not have a lawyer and with a project of this size I would need capital investments and legal advice on how to go about getting investors to look at my idea. As a mentor, I can share my experience. As a result of my years of work as an Administrator offer advice to other about hiring and recruiting the best talent. Additionally, time premitting I can assist with research.