Haitian Pride Poultry Farm

Haitian Pride Poultry Farm

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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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$50,000 - $100,000
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The iF Foundation works to create economic opportunities for the disadvantage int he developing countries of the world, enabling and empowering the people living in these communities to create their own pathway out of poverty.

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The main goal of the Haitian Pride Poultry Farm is to create employment thru a sustainable business. The benefits include: Job creation Strengthening the local economy by producing locally raised chicken and eggs, alleviating the long term dependency on imported food products Haiti has developed. Haitian Pride Haitian Pride Poultry is enabling the creation of the first breakfast program for school children in Dubre. The main challenges for Haitians include lack of work opportunity, lack of locally grown & produced food & therefore the inability to create a strong,local economy. Haiti imports over 1 million eggs a day and 12.5 million chickens annually from the Dominican Republic Haitian Pride Poultry will offer a fresher, locally grown product at a competitive price.

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Haitian Pride Poultry offers a fresh, local product at a competitive price. We will work w/local merchants & the community to help improve the poultry/egg market in Thibeau. Also, half of the eggs produced will be used to implement the first breakfast program for area children. Once established, any profit earned will be used to expand the facility & plan for the creation of replicable projects in other parts of Haiti. Haitian Pride Poultry will be a leader in creating a stronger economy by creating jobs, decreasing dependency on the DR, providing a healthy breakfast for children & promoting Haitian Pride Our main marketing edge is that we will have locally raised fresh chicken/ eggs. The primary buyer of the chicken & eggs will be restaurants & grocery stores in OCap & rural communities. Eggs & chicken will also be available to locals who normally travel to the DR or OCap. This will alleviate the added travel expense for the re-sellers & increase their profit.
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Operation of the poultry houses is based on a one year schedule of events with constant monitoring and review of production to implement improvements & expansion when necessary. This plan can be modified if changes are necessary to continue stable production & are agreed upon by the iF Foundation. Ready to lay pullets especially bred for egg laying efficiency, will be purchased from Haitian Broilers at 17 weeks of age fully vaccinated and ready to produce. Feed formulated for laying hens with proper protein, calcium and other minerals will also be purchased from Haitian Broilers until a comparable alternative can be supplied locally. Spent hens will be sold at the end of the one year laying cycle. Then the poultry houses will be disinfected and prepared for the second flock of layers. Day old broiler chicks will also be purchased from Haitian Broilers. They will be raised to be sold at market by 6 weeks of age. Once they are sold, the broiler house will be properly disinfected & prepared for the new flock of broilers. One of the key benefits of the Haitian Pride Poultry Farm will be an innovative breakfast program for school children in rural Haiti. This will be the first ever breakfast program for 300 students at Saint Joseph’s School in Dubre. These students usually go to school with an empty stomach or if they are lucky, a little coffee with sugar. Breakfast will include eggs and cassava (a type of local bread made from the yucca root) and will be served at school, twice a week.

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The main competitor is the DR. There is no local competition. Haiti imports 1 million eggs/day. Egg resellers must walk great distances for eggs to sell at a very small profit. A major challenge is the need to create a market for local poultry & eggs. Our products will be branded to distinguishing our chicken/eggs from others on the market. Our main marketing edge is that we will have locally raised fresh chicken/eggs. The primary buyer of the chicken/eggs will be restaurants/grocery stores in OCap & rural communities. Eggs/chicken will also be available to locals who normally travel to the DR or OCap. This will alleviate travel expense for re-sellers increasing profit. Workers will go to local markets to broaden our reach.

Founding Story

One of the biggest needs in Haiti is employment opportunity. Haitians want to be empowered to provide a brighter future for their own families. Our Foundaer realizes that charity runs out. The creation of Haitian Pride Poultry will be a sustainable solution creating jobs, hope and a brighter future.
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Access to economic opportunity.

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The project is just now launching. The local community of Thibeau has rallied around Haitian Pride empowering families with the opportunity to create their own pathway out of poverty. There is great anticipation building as Haitian Pride Poultry prepares to launch.

What is your projected impact over the next 1-3 years?

In addition to creating jobs for local Haitians, Haitian Pride Poultry will be implementing the first ever breakfast program twice a week for 300 school children. With the success of this first poultry farm and breakfast program, it is our plan to replicate the project in other rural communities through out Haiti. It is our vision to strengthen the local economy, reduce dependency on the Dominican Republic for fresh chicken and eggs, empower locals to create their own pathway out of poverty and to instill "Haitian Pride" among the local community members.

What barriers might hinder the success of your project? How do you plan to overcome them?

The biggest challenge is the local market. Since there is no real existing market in place, we will have to establish a market for Haitian Pride chicken and eggs. We are continuing to work diligently on market research and ideas for improving sales potential.

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Task 1

Monitor and care for the pullets and ensure that we reach maximum production capacity

Task 2

Establish a stable market for Haitian Pride chicken and eggs

Task 3

Launch the Haitian Pride Breakfast Program for the 300 children who attend St. Joseph's School

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Task 1

Continued training of the workers in poultry management and business skills

Task 2

Continue to expand the market base for Haitian Pride Poultry

Task 3

Identify a second location to expand the production facitlity

Tell us about your partnerships

We have partnered with experts in the fields of agribusiness, global economic development and poultry in order to develop the best possible business plan for Haitian Pride Poultry. Bio-security is of top importance at Haitian pride ensuring that we raise healthy flocks and produce the freshest products. We have constructed top of the line chicken coups adhering to the recommendations of our experts and integrated state of the art equipment too.

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Currently there are so many organizations working "solo" in Haiti. It would be amazing to be able to share best practices and expertise in a collaborative manner.