Rural Fashion

Rural Fashion

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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
Project Stage:
$1,000 - $10,000
Project Summary
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Rural Fashion – a modern label, inspired by ethnical traditions of Romania and recreated with a modern“twist” – for young women that like high quality unique trends and social responsible products in order to revive traditions and create dialogue between artisans and designers toward an economic growth/development of rural areas (by creating income opportunities)

About Project

Problem: What problem is this project trying to address?

The project “Rural Fashion” aims to return to the roots of traditional design and recreate it in a modern collection with the help of young artists. Our project tries to solve a social phenomenon, common in rural areas: poverty and low income problem. While fashion giants produce only with the intention of selling, we intend to create a fusion between two artistical views , in order to revive the traditional art of Romania and to offer the oportunity of employment for the disadvantaged artisans.Solving a well known social problem in romanian areas: the rural unemployment, by valuing and transforming the multicultural ethnic traditions of Romania into a modern fashion oportunity.

Solution: What is the proposed solution? Please be specific!

To revive traditions and create dialogue between artisans and designers towards an economic growth/development of rural areas (by creating income opportunities)
Impact: How does it Work

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Starting from only one area, the beginning of the project will also include the socio-anthropological analysis stage of culture, opportunities and disadvantages in the area. A two-persons team along with the organiser, artists and a photographer will visit the targeted area and annotate in every possible way crucial elements for the further development of the project. The second stage is the Introductory Workshop, designed to create a connection between the two groups of artists and explain in detail the advantages of this social project, for both young designers and artisans. Here, will be displayed the main idea of the project, its further ideal development, the economical structure and practical one. We will also present in an more artistical way the sociological phenomenon that we are trying to diminish The second part of the project will be compound from practical workshops and the collaboration between groups of designers, scenographs, painters and artisans. In this process, our group will facilitate craftsmen with everything is necesarry and mandatory: salary, workplace, materials,work conditions, etc.

Marketplace: Who else is addressing the problem outlined here? How does the proposed project differ from these approaches?

Peers: 2 Anthropologists(student, master),Photographer,Camera man,Artists team(designers, painters,scenographers),Web-designer Competitors: In my countries the competitors on this field is almost 0. But we still have competitors on the European Market such as Indian Ethical Fashion, Mammu in Latvia, Romani Design in Hungary. In Romania, it is a new trend to mix with the rural part of design but only on a small scale with no social impact. The only challenge i could have from Romanian competitors will be the unknown brand which will be difficult to built but not impossible

Founding Story

I have always been in love with fashion, clothes, style, but when i was 18 i mixed this two components toghether and they reacted in a love for traditional fashion and filanthropic taste. When i got the chance to study abroad, there was something still holding me back and that was my own country, the forgotten part of it, the full of tradition countryside, the pure and virgin, untouched by technology. More than this, Romania can tell a story which is more important then the products itself.
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Youth Generation Romania
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Youth Generation Romania

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1‐5 years

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How long have you been in operation?

Still in idea phase, but looking to launch soon

Social Impact
What solution(s) does your initiative address to help emerging entrepreneurs and small businesses grow and thrive in underserved communities? (select all applicable)

Access to talent, Access to economic opportunity.

What has been the impact of your solution to date?

I have participated in a contest, Social Impact Award, and i got the chance to become one of the 5 finalists in Romania from 45. This is a star for being able to check the innovation, social impact and the sustenability of the ideea

What is your projected impact over the next 1-3 years?

The impact over the next 1-3 years will be targeting different disadvantaged areas and collaboratin with various artists and aritsans. Income generator and rural development will be the first aim. Also the abroad chanell and opening is wanted.

What barriers might hinder the success of your project? How do you plan to overcome them?

Analizing the Romanian market at moment i can see a lot of micro business being built and the fact that native businesses are prospering is a sign of encouragement in the path of Rural Fashion ideea concept. In the end every barried i might find during the expansion of the ideea will be overcome.

Winning entries present a strong plan for how they will achieve and track growth. Identify your six-month milestone for growing your impact

Research, Workshops ,Manufacturing

Identify three major tasks you will have to complete to reach your six-month milestone
Task 1

Anthropological research in the targeted areas,Contacting local artisans,Evaluation of oportunities to make aqusitions of raw,

Task 2

Official meeting between artists and craftsmen ,Periodical colaboration meetings,Fusion workshops

Task 3

Prepare the garmets collection release,Launch of the website ,• Creation of products

Now think bigger! Identify your 12-month impact milestone
Identify three major tasks you will have to complete to reach your 12-month milestone
Task 1

Partenerships with written media and online, organizations, corporates, firms

Task 2

Theatre catwalk/runaway- “Rural Fashion Collection”-presentation of the collection

Task 3

Fundrasing event, press conference, exhibitions, workshops

Tell us about your partnerships

Here are some real parteners and ideal one.
We will need Raw materials’suppliers network

Fashion show partners -UNATC-art university ,Academy of Bell -Arte
Antropological Foundation
Euphoria TV
New media activist

Ad’hoc partners
Business Corporation

Research Partners
Universtiry Bucharest
Antropological Foundation

Please elaborate on any needs or offers you have mentioned above and/or suggest categories of support that aren't specified within the list

For beggining the investement part is important for being able to analize, stay, pay the artisans and materials.We would also need mentorship for the artists involved in order to revive the feeling of civic and social impact. And i think marketing and media is one of the important departaments in any business and intensively here since is the primordial instrument of selling a story