Art Over Wheels (Art-Mobile)

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Art Over Wheels (Art-Mobile)

Baltimore, United States
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for profit
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Art Over Wheels is a traveling art studio, hands-on creative classroom, and unique exhibition space. This "art-mobile" will bring FREE hands-on arts integration, arts instruction, and arts exhibition opportunity directly to underserved youth and the public. An box truck will be up-cycled (transformed) into a fully equip traveling visual arts classroom.  

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The arts provide youth learning experiences that fully engage all of the senses and states of consciousness. Engagement in the arts nurtures cognitive, social, and personal development while providing opportunity for self-expression and meaningful communication. Early and consistent exposure to the arts aides in developing self-directed critical thinking, forming good habits, creating positive value of self, and shape larger ideas about what they "can do" solidifying a positive foundation for a lifetime.

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Art over Wheels will be housed inside of a re-purposed box truck and will function as a mobile arts studio. The space will become a traveling hands-one classroom outfitted with art supplies and specialized equipment used to facilitate fine art and performance arts activities. Participants will learn how to use specialized materials, create personal mixed-media works of art, contribute to larger group projects, and develop performance art pieces/visual art works for public exhibition. The Art-Mobile will also be a gallery space for exhibitions of program participant works. Children will learn how to finish and prepare art to be exhibited and engage in the preparation for gallery openings; including creating exhibition invites, mating/framing pieces, and hanging the show. The works will also be photographed and documented for the student's portfolios; giving value, longevity, and importance to the masterpieces they create. 
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In addition to new art skills, the direct hands-on exposure to arts will benefit the children who participate by boosting self-esteem. Students will feel confident after mastering new skills that they can apply to their own personal art endeavors; and will relish in delight as they share their knowledge with others. They will also enjoy being able to engage in more depth into other arts activities and will be encouraged to visit Baltimore art museums and arts attractions such as the Walters, BMA, and BSO with their families to continue to quench their new found thirst for the arts. 

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There truly are no competitors for art Over Wheels. Most of my peers do not offer FREE prgraming; those who do bound by perminent locations and rely on partipants coming to them. The potential challenges associated with the project are minimal and simply focus around aspects of the acquisition and build-out of the Art-Mobile. I have already identified a source for affordable trucks and also have a mechanic and general contractor on standby. In addition to the fabrication, I will also have to be mindful of any/all regulations regarding vehicles of this type: including parking, licensing, and zoning.
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