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Roznava, Slovakia
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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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$10,000 - $50,000
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online tools, social media, tips and tricks. handpicked. nonprofit, start-up and students friendly

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NO LABEL PROJECT is a non-profit organization helping to educate non-profit professionals, social entrepreneurs as well as independent do-gooders who are seeking useful sources, online tools, advice and support which can emphasize and empower their activities in the online world and help them reach a wider audience. At the same time it focuses on young people who wish to improve their ICT skills (especially in the area of social media and online communication) and gain experience in the field of social entrepreneurship in order to increase their chances to get employed.

Solution: What is the proposed solution? Please be specific!

Being aware of overwhelming number of online tools as well as very limited financial resources of many people active in non-profit sector, we are dedicated to share online accessible, relevant, time efficient, easy to use and free of charge tools. The platform has been designed as an open and community driven one, where many young people have the opportunity to share their tips through short posts with recommendations, advanced how-to articles with practical advice or blog posts with sharing their experience and opinions.
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In order to trigger the community engagement and multiply the sharing effect among nonprofits we are actively building our community both online and offline through: - organizing international workshops and networking meetings dedicated to exchange of experience and good practice with online tools usage in non-profit sector - distributing a selection of the tips and tools via our monthly e-newsletter - maintaining an open wiki based database for nonprofits which serves as an online library of useful sources - delivering lectures and workshops related to new media and their usage within nonprofit sector

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We are not aware of existence of another nonprofit organization which would focus on selecting and sharing online tools suitable for nonprofits, however there are various companies or/and independent bloggers/advisers offering various services for nonprofits. The main difference is that our workshops as well as tools which we promote are entirely free of charge.
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, KO, Roznava


Would you find it useful to have a platform where people would share and recommend various free online tools and free education sources depending on their current needs? (E.g. project management for nonprofits, data visualization, audio-visual tools for amateur film makers...)