Dual Land Reclamation Initiative

Dual Land Reclamation Initiative

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$10,000 - $50,000
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The huge mineral deposits in sub-sahara Africa call for indiscriminate mining, turning economically useful land into useless pits. Conversely, the open dumping system of waste disposal converts a potentially useful land into a useless filthy mountains of refuse and garbage. Dual Land Reclamation Initiative is founded to mobilize this waste in filling the pits while providing land for the landless.

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The major problem that lead to the evolution of the Dual land Reclamation Initiative include the following Scarcity of land in urban areas: Land has become incessantly increasingly scarce in urban areas owing to the unbelievable population explosion, massive infrastructural development, expanding urbanization, industrialization and globalization. This can also be explained by the large population density of some major cities and towns in Nigeria. It also emernate from the poor city planing system still operating in most Nigerian cities. Environmental pollution: Rural-Urban development is perhaps imperfect in view of environmental pollution resulting from indiscriminate dumping of refuse and garbage. Therefore, to achieve such development, this project took its effect to cleanse the environment of all such waste. Reduced availability of land for economic growth and development: as mentioned earlier, most dump-sites are found at the heart of cities occupying business strategic areas, but render this area unavailable for business and economic development. This project took its effect to provide strategic ground for both foreign and local investors

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The Dual Land Reclamation Initiative is unquestionably unique for obvious reasons. There is an incessantly increasing demand for land in urban areas of Nigeria like Lagos, Abuja, Benin city, Kano city, owing to the overwhelming population explosion and the massive infrastructural development. It is a truism that this increasing trend in land demand has deny the average Nigerians of their right to land in cities due to inability to secure the property rights certificate of occupancy of that land. This is so strikingly bad that most have-not in the city have no roof over their head and as such live under bridges. Meanwhile, most economically useful land, within strategic areas of the cities, that would otherwise be utilized for domestic or investment purposes are been messed up and abandoned as mountains of refuse and garbage occupying a considerably large hectare of land. On the other hand, Nigeria is highly endowed with quite a number of mineral resources like iron deposits, gold deposits, lime stones, silver deposits etc. These mineral deposit sites suffer from indiscriminate mining and excavation creating large pits in rural areas thereby turning economically useful lands to useless plots of excavation. However this project achieve its unique and dual role by way of making both lands available for ownership and utilization by the landless through cleaning, cleansing and mobilization of the mountains of waste in urban areas for sanitary land fill in the large mining pits in the rural areas in technological manner. In addition, this project also achieve economic development by ensuring a healthy, compact and vibrant communities that would otherwise be left unsighted, filthy and isolated by waste dumping sites. Hence, this project is unique in simultaneous rural-urban development while preparing the ground for tourist attraction.
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The Dual Land Reclamation Initiative come with a full fledged social and economic impacts in the lives of average Nigerians, the youths and the entire public. It evolve to revert quite a number of aberrant trends in Nigeria rural-urban development. First, it provide land for the landless majority in Nigerian rural and urban areas, it is achieving this either by purchasing the messed up land at very low rate and then convert it to a useful land as described above and thereafter dispose it for sale to the landless at affordable price or on the other hand, the landless can purchase the land on his/her own from the appropriate authority at very low rate(as the land is thought to be useless) and thereafter employ the service of the Dual Land Reclamation Initiative to help reclaim the land, for their own possession and utilization. This has help a lot in reducing the number of landless in the street who would otherwise need an unaffordable sum of money to secure land in the city. Most importantly, most of this waste dumping sites are located within the heart of a city in such an economically strategic areas that serve as a sort of reserved land for business investments of which the investors would otherwise rarely come across such an economically useful land in term of location. This project therefore helps the large scale business investors to gain ground in the most strategic location which facilitate economic development tremendously. The best example is the large hectare of dump site in the heart of Okene central market in Kogi State that was reclaimed and converted to the largest shopping complex ever in that town. Moreover, other minor impacts include provision of employment opportunities for the laborers involved in the sanitary land fill, promotion of a healthy, sanitary , and vibrant environment of public health importance, as well as tourist attraction.
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Sport Unit, Ahmadu Bello University Zaria
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Sport Unit, Ahmadu Bello University Zaria

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Deans office, Ahmadu Bello University Teaching hospital Shika Zaria

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The Dual Land Reclamation Initiative is taking many steps to achieve the aforementioned role. First, we emanate from the public health department (Community medicine department) of Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital, Shika Zaria. Then we collaborate with the estate management company of Ahamadu Bello University. We provide this service of land reclamation at affordable rate. Meanwhile we pay good attention to the land use act of Nigeria, which recommend all land owners to obtain certificate of occupancy to validate their ownership.

However, while taking all the aforementioned steps to achieve our mission, we are subject to the federal government regulation that is binding on all investors in Nigeria, hence the inconsistency in Nigerian policy may be a limiting factor. Next, some of this waste land are in custody of some traditional rulers and village head who may find it difficult to understand the terse content of the basic tenets of the Dual Land Reclamation Initiative. This might make such waste land unavailable for reclamation. Another major limiting factor is inadequate capital, because some dump-site indeed need a lot of capital to get rid of them.


First year
we shall attain near-total public awareness by the end of the first year. We give much concern for public awareness because we really need to educate Nigerians of the need to co-exist harmoniously with their natural habitat so as to avoid all potential threat to their lives and health. Besides, creating awareness will ensure that more people benefit directly from the activities and services of this project. For most people in urban areas find it difficult to secure a land even with their cash at hand. so creating awareness is a major achievement.

Second year:
This is hoped to mark the year of reality in this project, we expect to have move farther than just acquainting the public of the services available to the stage of actualizing the services. we expect to have gain ground in major Nigerian cities starting from Lagos with high population density through Abuja to Benin- city to Kano city.

Third year:
We do expect to reach the climax in setting the standard for healthy vibrant community, providing land for the landless, attaining a community of great tourist attraction.

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$100 ‐ 1000

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The Dual Land Reclamation Initiative influence public policy by actualizing the policy of environmental sanitation and by way of reducing unemployment through job creation. It also strengthen the land use act of Nigeria. More importantly, it ensure that the masses attain land following the government approved rules and regulation their by calling the era of property demolition, arising from breach of Land use Act in the cities, to an end

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Operating for 1‐5 years

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These partnerships are critical to the success of this project in the sense that they make available the manpower and they advise on the technical know-how needed to sustain this project. Moreover, they assist in raising fund for the propagation of this project.

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Financial support from this initiative comes from many sources. From personal earnings, through borrowing from friend and relatives, donations from business partners, loans and overdrafts from banks.

The Story
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Over the years, i have been amazed at the incessantly increasing Nigeria population with consequently high population density in major cities. I have always been overwhelmed about where on earth could be the dwelling place of this ever increasing population of Nigeria that is multiplying at a geometric rate.
Invariably the most striking event that led the Dual Land Reclamation Initiative to take its effect was the massive building demolition that took place in the federal capital territory of Nigeria (Abuja) in the early 2000 under the leadership of the then minister of FCT. Many buildings were considered to be demolished due to aberrant property rights. Many property owners purchased land from unauthorized sources in Abuja and have their property demolished by the government. Land suddenly become a scarce commodity to acquire in Nigerian cities. Indeed, many millions of dollars were buried in the 2000-2005 demolition exercise in Abuja. Realization of this calamitous event prompted me to imagine a way out of land scarcity in Nigerian cities. I have thought about this moment for years until i come to realize that one of the major reasons that account for land scarcity in urban areas is attributable to poor city planing with open dumping practices still operating in most cities. i imagine the areas of land made useless by the mountains of refuse and garbage and come to the conclusion that any initiative that can reclaim such wasted land would go a long way in providing land for the landless in both rural and urban areas.
We started this project in my home town in Okene local government of Kogi state where the largest dump-site occupying a large hectare of land in the heart of the central market was reclaimed for the construction of the largest Shopping complex ever in that market. As this project work very well in this market, so i was motivated to take it to the larger communities and focus it in Lagos with a high population density. This is the story so far so good.

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The social innovator behind this idea is nobody other than myself. It is well documented and well impressed. I am a medical professional interested in the field of public health and all issues of public health importance. I am a chattered stock broker. More importantly, i do hope to be an ideal change maker capable of uplifting this world to a level above the limit of the sky. Indeed my interest revolve round all human endeavor.

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First, we are law abiding in our activities such that we are registered and authorized to reclaim lands for the needy. Next we ensure that our client follow the set down rules and regulations to securing a property in Nigeria as provided by the Land use act. We use the mass media available in this country to create awareness in the public of the need to live harmoniously with their natural habitat