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KOFAr manufactures and sells natural soil conditioners and processed vegetative compost that reverses soil acidity, unlocks nutrients increases microbial activity and boosts moisture retention in rural Kenya.


In order to increase sustainability of microenterprises in India, Anup has created local production and supply systems driven by micro-entrepreneurs that foster a “local-to-local” economy. By creating networks of specialized entrepreneurs focused on management, marketing and distribution, this system leverages the collective strength of local micro-enterprises to compete with large corporations that are actively targeting local rural markets.

Beyond Set Limits

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Beyond set limits is a profit making Project also aimed at providing cheap products to the Back yard body building enthusiasts who cannot afford to purchase gym supplements. Fitness Evolution is also aimed at supplying gym supplements to health and fitness institutions on wholesale prices.

Banco de Tecido

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Banco de Tecido is a physical space (and digital/online) that provides diverse fabrics, where anybody can deposit, withdraw and buy kilograms of the chosen fabrics. 







ALINHA is a platform that focuses on accelerating sewing workshops (in the offline setting) and is a marketplace (in the online setting). The accelerated workshops, and which are within the minimal ideal conditions, receive an increase in their market visibility and can be found by new costumers.

concave brand's New Entry

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I-Trolley is an idea about supermarket trolley, this will be a trolley with 4 scanners on the edges and a screen on the handle that will reflect the following:
1)number of items in the trolley
2)total price of all items
3)price of the last item scanned
nothing will be required from customers

Shared Value Agents


Greatest value gets delivered via people. Agent management social enterprise bundles basket of BoP-desired products + services/training helping agriculture, finance, health, water/hygiene, ecology &/or ICT needs to diversify women’s revenue, sustain NGO trainings & make channels scalable 4 companies