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I Like Local

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I Like Local is the Airbnb for authentic local experiences from and with locals in developing countries. Result: Travelers get a more in-depth travel experience while local communities get access to a worldwide market, and can generate income in a simple way.


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Kayakalp is an endeavour to revive puppetry which aims to empower 14 traditional puppeteers from the Katputli Colony of Shadipur, New Delhi. It seeks to modernise their art form and use the medium of of puppetry to spread social and environmental messages as well as supplement their earnings.

Glenz Bakes


We believe in a society wherein everyone deserves to have make a living & have decent work using a simple skill of baking. We address poverty & unemployment through baking. We bake breads as well as bricks
Traditionally bricks were baked
We bake to inspire. We bake to empower. We bake to innovate.

EcoPost, Sustainable Living


EcoPost produces posts and building materials from recycled plastic waste. This reduces pollution, preserves forests, and decreases GHG emissions.
By working at the grassroots, EcoPost has provided income opportunities to over 2,000 marginalised people while raising awareness about sustainability.


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Female unemployment is worse than that of males in Kenya.  Young women in rural areas account for the largest number of unemployed people. Totohealth has developed a skills training program that will enable 1,500 teen-mums acquire employable skills to access decent work and defeat poverty.

Esperanza Soap Ventures

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Esperanza Soap Ventures is a social enterprise that produces handmade soap with a mission to provide jobs, empowerment & dignity to women living in poverty. Our soaps are all natural & handmade by women we train as soap makers, making a fair wage and gaining the ability to invest in their families.



Chayn is an opensource, gender and tech project that empowers the most vulnerable women around the world to fight violence by informing them of their rights, supporting them to take back control & to learn new skills to gain financial independence. Chayn is powered by a global volunteer network and

SuperFluid Labs

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SuperFluid Labs is a data analytics firm with the mission of democratising data insights for everyone, fostering digital financial inclusion. We develop and deploy cutting-edge analytics technologies for enterprises and consumers to allow the under and unbanked populations to control their finances.