Proteção à criança

What are Your Dreams for this Family?

When hospital patients are well enough to be released, ideally they head home to an environment where they will get even stronger and healthier and make a full recovery.

But what happens when those patients -- young patients in particular -- are released into home environments that make recovery impossible? What if their families cannot afford the crucial follow up care? What if they are struggling just to provide basic nutrition and a safe or sanitary home?


Fostering Peace, Starting with Youth

Susheela Bhan has saved hundreds of young lives. 

Fueled by a passion to restore humanity and faith in her war-torn homeland of Kashmir, Bhan established the Institute of Peace Research and Action (IPRA). The IPRA implements a comprehensive curriculum that inculcates democracy, secularism, social justice, and human rights into the hearts and minds of Kashmiri youth. The program is active in more than 200 schools in six districts, and has helped keep kids off the battlefield since 1999.


A Home Built with Heart: How One Man is Protecting the Lives of Children

Every child deserves a safe and secure childhood, and in Thailand there's an organization working to make this a possibility for hundreds of kids. Founded in 1993 by children's rights pioneer, Montri Sintawichai, the Child Protection Foundation is Thailand's first community-based organization that shelters abused children and helps their families - including abusive parents - address the root causes of abuse.