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Teach to Reach

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Teach to Reach is a unique educational initiative combating illiteracy in the Yemeni lands while enriching people with needed practical skills. We are concerned about gender equality and education quality.

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BikeSurf is a bicycle sharing project. We differ from other bike lending services because our users (BikeSurfers) are under no obligation to pay for riding our bikes. It is wholly funded and supported by the community for the community.

The Roddy Scott Foundation

The Roddy Scott Foundation is  a UK based charity committed to providing educational opportunities for the geographically isolated and socially deprived Chechen Refgugee community in the Pankisi Gorge, North Georgia. We aim to give support to the children and families of a traditional community, deeply affected by a history of war and civil disturbance, and create an energetic future for its members.Currently the Roddy Scott Foundation gives English and computer classes to over 200 children, aged 10-16, in 5 villages of the valley.



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ICT4D is a model created by Jonathan Mativo that brings technological education to rural communities in East Africa through village-level training camps and a two-month curriculum. Based on the idea that technology literacy is a critical skill for the future, Jonathan hopes to influence social change in underserved communities through the use of technology.


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The aim is to supply the rural towns of Beregadougou and Banfora with soft quick to eat sandwiches and drinks. Allow ten people to get a permanent job in the small food industry. Develop the food supply chain in the area and attract people who are obliged to go far to get such food.