Educação de Adultos

Por una Defensa Legal Justa

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Promovemos la reintegración social, con un 96% de éxito, de adolescentes que han infringido la ley buscando su libertad y acceso a espacios que promuevan un sentido de responsabilidad para convertirse en agentes de cambio así como aplicación de mecanismos de prevención con perspectiva en DDHH.



Project focuses on introducing Green Concepts to Sri Lankans to create an Eco-cult era to make the lives Standard. 200 Green Projects in schools, 100 projects in villages, A research, Generalized Green Standard are among the activities which will be showcased through a reality show.



GenderMax is a programme that uses arts and entertainment to promote gender equality and empower women, We use theatre plays to echo their rights, we train entertainers, beauticians, fashion designers and improve other handcrafts that amplify their opportunity the society.

Craft Talk Agency


Talented artisans shouldn’t be in shadows but in limelight. We’re an Artisan Agency which forges relationships of trust with traditional artisans (mostly women from the global south). We share knowledge, best practices, and connections to collaboratively develop their business and make them stars!

Tamo Junto (We are together)

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Tamo Junto is a website designed especially for Brazilian low-income micro-entrepreneurs so that they can have access to different content and opportunities in order to develop their businesses. Besides management knowledge, our contents provide behavior tips to help empower them as entrepreneurs.

Solu international

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We facilitates the practical side of learning entrepreneurship we seek to mobilize young female startups in emerging countries to shadow expertise in specific area at an international level to improve social, personal, intellectual skills and environmental wellbeing for business development.