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No garment factory worker is empowered or safe with only men in charge. Untapped potential + low opportunity for educated women = high cost on too many levels. Let's train female students in QC, train them to train female workers, and give them a powerful role. Better Quality, Greater Equality.

Light Up Rural Zambia

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Energy Poverty is pervasive in rural and slum communities of Chipata District, Provincial Capital of Eastern Province of Zambia.

89% of the population is not connected to electricity and still using traditional energy sources that contribute to global warming


Central do MEI

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Um espaço que centraliza informações importantes do universo do Microempreendedor Individual, como respostas de dúvidas, tutoriais, cursos, palestras, livros, eventos, ferramentas etc.

Changemakers Degree Module

I have found with evidence that there is not much help for people with Dyscalculia (difficulty in maths) but there is lots of help for people who have Dyslexia. The root cause is because of the lack of awareness about this learning disability. It leads to anxiety, stress and unemployment.