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eFarm Direct


Enabling Farmers Reach Markets - a 'click-and-mortar' solution combining ICT platform and ground supply chain network to fix the agri crisis. Key pain areas for farmers is marketing support , rising input costs , migration of educated and skilled labour to cities and having to bear all wastage/transport costs for uncertain revenue. For any modern industry the various key functions like production, marketing, sales, HR and logistics are managed by professionals and backed by advanced software and ICT tools .

Moringa Oil

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Et si vous n'achetiez qu'une seule huile pour votre alimentation et vos soins cosmétiques?
Monter une plantation de Moringa afin de produire une huile pure, naturelle et bonne pour la santé. Le Moringa est riche en vitamines et acides oléiques. Consommer de lhuile de Moringa c'est être consomACTEUR


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Globally, 150 million children suffer from stunting – or low height for age. Stunting creates a poverty trap where short of stature children grow into short of stature adults. GRoWES aims to eliminate childhood stunting through scientific understanding, community co-invented solutions, and scaling.

Christ the King Service Corps

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CKSC is a year-of-service program for young adults from diverse backgrounds to spend a year living and working in Detroit at a variety of non-profit job placements. Volunteers gain professional skills and an education in social justice while living simply in community together.

Save the Children project

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Our goal is to rescue orphanages ONE at the time.We choose and focus on 1 orphanage for a year to help them become financially independent in order to feed the children as well as create a safe/healthy environment for them.We are working on a permanent way to achieve &maintain their self-sufficiancy

Fortalecer é preciso!

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Capacitação de agentes defensore dos direitos humanos em todo o Brasil através de um processo de formação multiplicadora, como estratégia para enfrentar a necessidade de ampliar a capacidade de formulação, conceitual e metodológica, da promoção e da proteção dos Direitos Humanos no contexto atual.

Turma do Bem

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16.000 dentistas voluntários, distribuídos em 14 países, oferecem tratamento gratuito em seus consultórios a jovens pobres, com graves problemas bucais, e a mulheres vítimas de violência, que tiveram as dentições mutiladas.

Empoderamento de Mulheres

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No projeto “Empoderamento de Mulheres: dar voz a mulheres em situação de risco social” promovemos atividades técnico profissionalizantes para o empoderamento das mães das crianças e adolescentes atendidos pela AAQQ, para fortalecer os vínculos familiares e dar voz às essas mulheres marginalizadas.

Pacto Planeta

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Aseguramos el bienestar y el derecho a un ambiente comunitario próspero y sostenible desarrollando proyectos de voluntariado corporativo en energías limpias, uso del agua, agroecología, y bioconstrucción.