Meio Ambiente

Alter Terra

Oscar Romo, through his organization Alter Terra, has developed a way for vulnerable communities in precarious ecosystems in Mexico to protect and restore their environment, increase economic opportunities, and organize to demand their rights. By using the waste around them to develop innovative infrastructure solutions, the resulting production creates jobs, changes consumption habits, and encourages community ownership over improved wellbeing.

Ignitia AB

Liisa Petrykowska has developed an accurate and reliable weather forecast system for the tropics and by making it accessible to small farmers is empowering them to make educated decisions to increase efficiency and agricultural yield.

Icecairo, Nawaya

Adam is shifting the focus of Egyptian business culture to the green economy. He is creating a new generation of entrepreneurs with a green mindset (environment friendly and socially responsible) and empowering them through an enabling environment for inclusive, green businesses and social innovations in urban and rural areas.

Egao Tsunagete

Hisashi rejuvenates deserted agricultural communities and the rural economy by spurring urban residents to visit the countryside, practice farming, and engage with the local people. His program offers an agricultural experience that meets the needs of city dwellers that yearn for rural living, and the corporations that look for human resource development for employees.

Acacias for All

Sarah is changing the agricultural sector in the Arab Maghreb sub-region by introducing a new holistic farming approach to fight desertification. Her approach shifts the focus of the sector towards alternative, natural, plant based irrigation complemented by crops that fit the local context; in addition, she creates a change movement through which farmers adopt new and sustainable farming techniques and organize themselves into cooperatives, in order to manage the entire new farming cycle.


Ricardo engages the diverse sectors working within marine eco-systems (from each segment of the fishing industry to government regulators, conservation organizations, the navy and others) to be active and collaborative players in the conversation of marine biodiversity while ensuring sustainable livelihoods for coastal and marine dependent communities.

Yayasan Masyarakat Peduli

Despite the high health, economic, and environmental costs of poor sanitation, public resources are limited for improved sanitation in Indonesia. Ellena Rachmawati mobilizes communities’ own resources to establish self-reliant, healthy villages, addressing key issues such as sanitation, hygiene, and nutrition.