Meio Ambiente

Village Energy Uganda

Village Energy is working to ensure that there is a skilled solar technician in every village across Uganda that, together, will form the basis of an elaborate national network of micro-franchises that provide the required information, technologies, installation and after-sales services to last mile clean energy consumers.

Descarte Correto

Alessandro has engineered a citizen-to-citizen supply chain for digital producers and consumers of electronic products that increases the skill levels of Brazil’s young and underemployed workforce and properly disposes of or reuses electronic waste.

Essbare Stadt Andernach / Wesentlich GmbH

Driven by the increasing estrangement of people in urban surroundings with nature and its potential for human well-being, nutrition and education as well as the ecological consequences of maltreatment towards the environment, Heike Boomgaarden introduces a new way of “eco-human” development for urban settings bringing people back in touch with the environment and (edible) nature where they live.

The Green Plan

Neil McCabe is utilizing the existing infrastructure of firehouses, a locally oriented and trusted arm of government, to provide a local, national and international example for green transition. A firefighter by trade, Neil is using the institution of the fire station as an entry point to bring sustainability into communities around Dublin and across Ireland. Neil realised that fire stations have profound potential to serve as exemplars for greening, as they use a tremendous amount of water and fuel, are in operation 24hrs a day, and are often based in older structures.


Luis Fernando created the first unified agriculture certification system in Brazil and the world’s first certification standard for sugarcane to promote responsible agricultural practices. He is now sharing his success cases and partnering with key public and private actors to tackle deforestation in Brazil and beyond.

México Tierra de Amaranto

Mary is empowering rural communities to better their physical, psychological, and financial health. By using an integrative development model with a focus on female empowerment, the organization employs scientific research to promote the consumption and supply of local products. Mary is using amaranth, a plant endemic to Mexico with high nutritional content, to join these elements together in a holistic and innovative initiative.

ASFOSO- Asociación Forestal de Soria

Collective land ownership and management is a practice that his been widely used in Spain and elsewhere in Europe for centuries. As generations of families have scattered, however, a growing lack of clarity concerning these ownership stakes has generated barriers for effective land management and lead, in many cases, to the complete abandonment of the affected areas.

Client Earth

Working at the intersection of Europe’s entrenched environmental challenges, layers of government institutions, and country-specific agendas, James Thornton is using a legal approach to systematically defend an environmental agenda across Europe for the first time. James is laying the groundwork a more engaged and effective citizen sector, demonstrating the key role it has to play to foster real cross-country collaboration and sustainability for future generations.