Meio Ambiente


Jason Aramburu is enabling thousands of smallholder farmers to benefit from a technology that enables them to produce their own biochar. Biochar is an effective soil amendment that can be made locally from freely available farm waste. Farmers that use biochar reduce their dependence on fertilizer, increase their yields and mitigate the otherwise negative environmental impact of chemical fertilizers. Over a thousand farmers in Kenya have biochar producing kilns and this model is spreading around the world.

Northern Rangelands Trust

Community-based conservation is taking hold in East Africa. Groups of once-warring pastoralists have embraced wildlife conservation and are organizing their communally held lands as private conservancies. In a model developed by Kenyan Ian Craig, these democratically governed conservancies are funded through a blend of philanthropic, government, and earned-income sources and – as their numbers grow – are transforming lives, securing peace, and conserving natural resources across the continent.

Reap Benefit

To create a future environmentally aware and active generation, Kuldeep is designing a participatory method of learning about environmental issues, increasing children’s and youth’s empathy,

Shark Truth

Engaging young Chinese Canadians in environmental conservation habits congruent with traditional values, Claudia Li is bringing together the worlds of cultural heritage and social change. She is creating a new space for ethnic Chinese youth to become changemakers by empowering them to engage in the environmental movement in a culturally relevant way.


Shubhendu is changing the framework of urban landscaping and afforestation by influencing key groups – government and corporations -- to adopt methods that optimally use land to increase green cover


Hayrettin Karaca, considered the father of Turkey’s environmental movement and nicknamed “grandfather erosion” by the country’s children, is a successful businessman turned environmental social entrepreneur. He has dedicated his life to tireless advocacy and support for the protection of soil and natural habitats, combining successful entrepreneurship with effective environmental activism. His organization TEMA has become a vast network, reaching every corner of the country achieving significant national impact, both on the environment and social fabric of the country.

Health in Harmony

When Indonesia’s natural resources have been degraded in an alarming speed, leaving the destructive environment impacting on human health, Kinari Webb,a medical doctor, is creating a system that improves healthcare, healthier environment, and better livelihood for communities living by the Indonesia’s National Parks.

Sustainable Agriculture Foundation

Supa Yaimuang is creating a movement of city farming in Thailand to improve access to nutrition and safe food for urban residents, while addressing a variety of social and economic problems through community collaborations. Supa’s city farming model is improving the lives of diverse clusters of society, including the urban poor, hospital patients, schoolchildren and the elderly. Through a systematic approach that links rural knowledge and farmers to urban areas, she has been able to turn city farming into a phenomenon that is spreading to other Thai cities and the region.


Vivek is spurring ‘individual’ accountability to achieve a sustained balance in global carbon emissions. He is creating a range of tools and solutions that enable citizens and institutions, measure their environmental impact and transform it through informed choices of consumption.