Meio Ambiente

Eco Eficiencia Empresarial

Manfred is ensuring that Costa Rica becomes carbon neutral by 2020 through the mobilization of the public and private sectors to reduce their environmental impact. Through an innovative model of calculation and analysis, Manfred shows decision makers their environmental impact in a simple and comprehensive way, then formulates corporate strategies that reduce and offset these impacts, adding value to the company and improving its competitive position in the long term.

Orangutan Information Centre

Mount Leuser National Park, one of the largest national parks in the world, is also one of the most resource-diverse ecosystems. When national park authorities are challenged with emerging social problems, Panut Hadisiswoyo is developing a holistic, integrated approach, where local communities are the front liners to park management in Indonesia.

Regroupement des Femmes de Popenguine pour la Protection de la Nature

Wolimata has launched a volunteer women’s movement to firmly place the responsibility, ownership, and benefit of protecting the environment in the hands of local communities. By not separating the environment from other community needs – indeed by doing the very opposite, by showing how caring for the environment can help bring about highly desired, broader community development, Wolimata is able to bring about the long term behavior change that has long eluded government environmental agencies.

Green Hand

Zaher has launched a nation-wide, non party-affiliated movement to promote the strengthening of Lebanon's bio-diversity. Through income generating schemes and interactive education initiatives that bring citizens face-to-face with the country’s vast environmental wealth, Zaher is nurturing a cultural and ecological understanding of the environment to underpin new national policy.


With a strong focus on youth in Zimbabwe and elsewhere in sub-Saharan Africa, Verengai is developing an array of innovative educational, information gathering, advocacy, and experience enhancing initiatives to expand awareness and understanding of the challenges posed by global climate change and to facilitate the development of effective strategies for enabling adversely affected communities to contend with those challenges.

Savory Institute

Allan Savory is demonstrating how to reverse desertification of the world’s savannas and grasslands, thereby enhancing food and water security and improving human livelihoods, through a livestock and land management technique that restores degraded croplands and watersheds.

River Research Center

Dr. Latha is drawing from her deep understanding of complex river basin systems to apply the concept of environmental flows to river basin planning and management in India. Using the flow of the river as a reference point, she makes inter-linkages between different interventions and draws various stakeholders together to cohesively plan and manage water resources in order to strengthen the health, economy, and peace of river communities.

Solar Sisters

Most households do not have access to energy in Africa, resulting in high energy poverty across the continent. While privatization of electricity generation and distribution has increased electricity supplies in Uganda, it has increased tariffs so that low and middle-income households cannot afford energy for basic needs. Katherine is addressing this issue by concentrating on women as key agents in distributing and consuming affordable, renewable energy products; thereby pushing women to drive change in the rural energy-space.


Flaviano equips communities and grassroots CSOs to measure the harmful consequences of natural resource extraction and bring lawsuits against their perpetrators.