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By using a cleaning method without the usage of water Book-n-Wash proposes to reduce service costs, consequently reducing the RRP price for the service in question. In Africa, the main goal is also to attract younger people, to lead them out of the streets and teach some techniques

Urban Permaculture Project

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Urban Permaculture Project aims to transform idle places into fertile areas in cities with more productive communities. Communities transforms waste into source by contributing to fair access of natural and local food and increasing biological diversity of cities.


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Home is within our heart. Furnishings in our homes makes them places to relax. Some are heirlooms but most often we acquire from variety of sources. 9 in 10 designs are over budget adding 1900kg of waste/capita in EU. Homepod discovers ECO design products & helps to cut waste with 3% or 60kg/capita.

Farm this City


If we are all part of the problem then we all need to be farmers of the solution. Our vision is “Everyone a Farmer” with FtC cultivating the links, networks, sharing, and collaboration between those already “farming” social, economic, and environmental solutions to the city’s problems.

Permacultores Urbanos

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Permacultores Urbanos (Urban Permaculturists) is a collective born in São Paulo, Brazil, in order to study and multiply sustainable ways of living in large cities. We highlight the "Cistern School" project, in which we empower people to capture and use rainwater safely in a water-scarce times.

Climate Journalism

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Climate Journalism is a bilingual online platform for young journalism students. They’re invited to write about climate change and urban areas in their cities, to stimulate their expertise in environment issues, since they will be the future opinion makers. The articles will be open to all readers.