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Do you love the designs of our KARIGAR product but concerned about how they were made? You can finally stop asking us if we use child labour or if our artisans are being treated well. We connect Artisan to the Audience through the Talking Tag that gives you information about the production process.

SunAlpha Energy Pvt Ltd

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Rising electricity costs hurt you, your business & your shareholders. Is there a low-cost, hassle free solution for you? Solar leasing helps you adopt solar energy at your point of consumption at zero upfront investment, achieve sustainability, add value to your property & save energy costs.

Tem Açúcar?

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Tem Açúcar? facilitates the sharing of things between neighbors through loan or donation of objects, fostering the reduction of overconsumption and its negative environmental impact, creating resilient and collaborative communities and helping people save money.


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Enabling low-cost access to essential medicines
Reducing percentage of medicines that go waste due to expiration by getting these medicines
before expiration at minimum 40% discount to BoP consumers.
BIG Data for BIG Decision Making
Crowdsourcing data about impact of public healthcare policies.

Proyecto Raíces

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This initiative is about to bring nature back to the city. There will be a significant improvement of the urban environment and public health if we apply restoration ecology principles in the management of urban areas to create large ecological connectivity networks and conservate biodiversity