Green Supermarket


Green Supermarket es un lugar donde los compradores y los proveedores se podran beneficiar de los productos adquiriendolos de forma directa desde la planta sin necesidad de ir hasta el campo donde el productor. Y lo mejor de todo, es que estara en la ciudad...

ReapBenefit Foundation

Sem fins lucrativos / ONG/ Setor Civil

Poor water and sanitation at public schools force millions of children to drop out every year. Our locally-sourced DIY solutions and an innovative tech-backed development financing model solve these environmental problems and turn them to an opportunity to better the learning outcomes of children.



The idea consists in waste recyclable management service for schools, with this service we can reduce the generation of waste, pollution from landfills, while generating revenue for schools, recycling culture develops in students and improves the environment.


Com fins lucrativos

Provide environmental education to the most vulnerable communitiesof the municipality of Apartadó, Antiquia, Colombia.

It will be made through shows and catwalk models, theatre and body paint artists.

The topic, costumes and Assembly, is aimed at the conservation of the environment.

"Fields of Tomorrow"


Combining new technology with unique sustainable perspectives, vertical farming is the future. We wish to implement existing module based technology for the cultivation of agricultural produce. Cities hold the solution, and the vertical spaces they offer invite us to redefine traditional thinking.

Amazon Cities


Green agents are the ones we all living things need to have for sustainable life on earth. It's important to keep planet green, for which reason we need to replace the concrete with forests. It's our roofs which offer enough space to reforestation.