Abuso e violência

Stand4 Socks

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Stand4 creates the most meaningful products in the world. Through reconnecting consumers with social issues and tangible charity giving, we reimagine ordinary products and give them extraordinary purpose.


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It is an application for mobile devices, which can be activated in case of risk to save the life of a person, geolocate the user's location and sends a help message. No evidence leaves the message sent and consumes balance.

Vístete de Sueños A.C

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VDS ha desarrollado una metodología de formación replicable que empodera profesional y emocionalmente (wellbeing) a mujeres vulnerables, en el diseño y la costura. Conecta con el mercado laboral y generar un cambio en las trabajadoras de la indutria textil. 

Safe Use of Online Media

Educate Kenyan youths the effects of Passing propaganda over social media to avoid the repeat of Post Election Violence as we get to the Election year.
Stop these unethical sharing of Nude photos of our Friends which has caused a lot of suicides among the youths.
Access to the right information

Working Against Stigma

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This project helps abused, raped, tortured women get help,psychologically,medically, legally and financially.
It encourages women to be brave enough to expose the perpetrators who hurt them.
It intends to give the women strength to fight stigma for being abused;Stigmatization is rampant in Africa

School of Souls

How do you make a bright future? You don't,you build bright minds to make it!
SoS does that, through fun educative programs!
Sos teaches soft skills and exposes youth and students to opportunities that will help them become a better version of themselves and make the World a better place.

Tamu Bakery

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Tamu Bakery tackles gender-based violence through the therapeutic power of baking (tamu means sweet, gentle in Swahili). At our workshops women can share, open up, and start to heal. A cafe run by GBV survivors is planned - using cake to engage with people about this taboo subject.



No garment factory worker is empowered or safe with only men in charge. Untapped potential + low opportunity for educated women = high cost on too many levels. Let's train female students in QC, train them to train female workers, and give them a powerful role. Better Quality, Greater Equality.