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Rainbow Chronicle


Rainbow Chronicle is the only online community that allows users to rate businesses, events, organizations and individuals according to their perceived LGBT friendliness. Whether a sandwich shop, dive bar or hotel, or even an elementary school, local politician or celebrity, users post ratings and reviews in their own words and grade each entity based on its acceptance of the LGBT community and consumer.

Respect Club, a program of the National Coalition Building Institute (NCBI) of Missoula, Montana

Since 2004, NCBI has offered Respect Club in Missoula County middle schools. This club promotes non-violence & prejudice reduction and inspires youth to get involved in building a better community. The program helps students create friendships across group lines, gain self-confidence, and learn to address prejudice and mistreatment. Each year, students develop a community leadership project. For some, Respect Club is an opportunity to put their leadership skills into practice, for others it is simply a safe place to be themselves.



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The TMI Project

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TMI Project empowers teens & adults who don’t often get to tell their stories. The result is hysterical & poignant theater and contagious truth-telling!

Hope for Teens Graphic Novel Project

Hope for Teens is working on a project to bring awareness about bullying. Every story received about bullying, either by the one being bullied or the one that did the bullying, is being illustrated into a comic book. For every 6 or 7 comic books they are being compiled into a hard bound graphic novel to be distributed to schools and libraries.

All stories are coming from teens and the illustrators are working pro-bono to help make society aware of the impact of bullying as well as the various reasons teens and tweens are bullied.



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Native LGBTQ Youth

It starts with a VISION. I want to have a positive impact on generating a safe and positive environment for Native LGBTQ Youths in my community, a place where they can grow on the reservation without feeling the need to hide. I want to bring positive change for young natives through Skateboarding, art, self-confidence, music, and cultural. One of the main goals is to expand this positive movement across many Reservations to promote a healthy lifestyle for young natives, especially with LGBTQ Youths, to educate youths about LGBTQ and to bring anti-discrimination awareness.