Durghatna.org - Accident Recording Portal of India

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Durghatna.org - Accident Recording Portal of India: Any action to save a single life is worth

IndiaDelhi, India
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Durghatna.org is a portal designed to reduce the road accidents in India. A witness of Road accident can report an accident using this portal. Privacy of user will be kept hidden. The data thus recorded is used by Police and other government bodies to take appropriate actions.

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they was no thing such as road accidents?
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In India, over 80,000 persons die in the traffic crashes annually, over 1.2 million are injured seriously and about 300000 disabled permanently. A majority of road accidents go unrecorded. They do want to help the victims but people don't want to indulge in legal formalities. This makes the government unable to plan the required safety measures.

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Durghatna.org is online Road Accident Recording Portal System. Anyone can easily register on the portal using their email address. The identity of user is kept hidden. This encourages the user to report the accidents they witness. The data thus recorded is used by Police and other government bodies to take appropriate actions.
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CSIR- Central Road Research Institute
Central Road Research Institute is a government body which is meant to take care of the considerations regarding the Road Safety. The portal is developed and managed under CRRI.

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Durghatna.org is a core platform where masses can report a accident they see on road and learn about the road safety measures that can help them avoid the accidents as well. Accidents happen because of one good reason i.e. CARELESS NATURE OF PEOPLE and IGNORANCE OF ROAD SAFETY RULES. The objective of this portal is to decrease the probability of Road accidents by analyzing the black spots and taking required steps to make it safer.

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Active citizenship: Projects that work to promote active engagement with road safety from individual citizens, pedestrians, communities, and social networks, or that use education as a tool to raise awareness and promote engagement, Technology: Projects that leverage technology to promote road safety, Governance: Projects that address public policy, legal, and/or regulatory issues in the area of road safety, Infrastructure: Projects that address road or administrative infrastructure, emergency care, or financial systems.

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In 2012, 5508 accidents were reported in Bengaluru while 725 people lost their lives in these accidents. Safety studies have found that a majority of accidents occur either due to the driver's error or due to the negligence of the safety norms. Driver fatigue, drunken driving are some other reasons of the mishaps. The actions like dangerous overtaking, lane cutting, jumping of signals, erratic parking can be counted as major causes for the calamities on the roads. Usually, accidents are prevalent in urban cities where "Speed" of the vehicles is uncontrollable and where each and every individual is in hurry. Though government is taking appropriate measures, accident count continues to rise. A major reason of this mishap is that majority of accidents go unrecorded. This makes the government unable to plan the required safety measures. Adding to it, Black spot identification is difficult.
Durghatna.org takes the initiative to encourage people to report the accidents they see. As privacy of a person is not on stake, person reports the accident. The data thus recorded is used by Police and other government bodies to take appropriate actions.