Neighbourhood Improvement Programme

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Neighbourhood Improvement Programme: Sustainable Development

Bangalore, IndiaBangalore, India
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HSR Ward 174 is pioneering in a new concept named Neigbourhood Improvement Programme(NIP). One objective of NIP is to make roads safer for both pedestrians and vehicular traffic. Under the leadership of the corporator, NIP connects the people using the roads and the authorities that develop roads.

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Bridging the disconnect between the governance and public makes a great impact
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The location of HSR Layout is critical in terms of connectivity since major city level corridors i.e. Outer Ring Road (ORR) and Hosur Road (connecting the city centre with the Hosur, Tamil Nadu) edge this layout. There has been rapid urban development in layout in the past few years. The traffic has increased many folds. This has led to traffic management difficulties including safe access for pedestrians. NIP addresses these issues.

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The corporator brings together the stakeholders through regular meetings and discussions to identify the issues that are local, arrive at a solution and implement the same. The concerns of the residents are gathered by feedback through the website, emails and in NIP awareness programs conducted for this very purpose. As a result of this, the NIP proposal is formed. The HSR NIP proposes pedestrian and vehicular safety, urban green networks and NMT networks. These provide easy access within the neighbourhood and to public transport corridors and will facilitate safe access and connectivity to parks, play grounds and lake areas within the neighbourhood. The MOMs of the meetings and other updates are published on the website.
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The Junction at Nanadini Cool Joint on 19th Main 17th Cross has 6 roads opening into it. This is one of the busiest junctions in the layout. As 2 service roads were also opening up into the junction, there was a great amount of confusion in the vehicular movement. This had resulted in many accidents at this junction. This junction was taken up as the first project to execute the ideas proposed through the NIP. A junction design was specifically created. By co-ordinating and bringing together different players such as the traffiic police, NGOs, residents and BBMP, the junction plan was implemented. As a result, today we see smoother and safer vehicular movement as this has eliminated much of the confusion making the junction safer for all

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There are 18 junctions in HSR Layout and 148095 metres of road with major roads being 9267 metres. Two junctions (Nandini Cool Joint and the MacDonald's junction ) were taken up for immediate implementation which had high accident rates within the layout. After the improvements were implemented in these junctions (as described in the previous section) and installation of the traffic signal at the McDonald’s junction, there are no accidents reported at these places. By identifying such places where there are high incidences of accidents and improving them, we make a small about an important difference. The idea will be presented to BBMP (Bangalore's Muncipal Corporation). Many BBMP corporators are already showing interest in implementing NIP in their wards.

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

This solution is implemented at the smallest geographic unit, the ward. When the Muncipal Councils and Corporations of the various cities make it mandatory for the wards to adopt this model of the NIP, the this solution can be replicated and full potential can be realized. The initiative was presented in BJP for better Bangalore Forum and at Embarq's annual conference attended by activists and NGOs throughout India. Gaining global recognition in DULT(UDD, GoK) workshop on sustainable mobility and planning of infrastructure for safe cycling which was attended by international delegates.

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Junctions earmarked for improvement are already under tender process. Major arterial roads are taken up for asphlating and laying new footpaths as per the NIP proposal. The NIP brings together private organisations, residents and NGOs and the government agencies therefore enabling sustainability. MOUs are signed by BBMP and private organisation. This has enabled signages for vehicles and pedestrian to be put up in PPP model.

Founding Story

During a visit to Singapore as part of the IWIL(India- Women in Leadership Program) by IIM-Bangalore, I was introduced to the Singapore UD ( Urban Development) Plan. This inspired the idea of such a vision plan for Bangalore which addresses management of the growing vehicular traffic and making roads safer for all. For this vision plan to succeed, I realised that all the stakeholders have to work in coordination . But seeing that there was no forum for this co-ordination to happen, a forum called the Neighbourhood Improvement Co-ordination Committee(NICC) was created. The very first meeting of the NICC saw enthusiastic participation from residents, local citizen bodies, NGOs and government agencies followed by many such meetings.


The team consists of the Neighbourhood Co-ordination committee, of which the following are the members : NICC - Neighbourhood Improvement Co-ordination Committee is formed to bring co-ordination between the agencies: Chairman – Corporator, Smt Latha Narasimhamurthy Members: BBMP, Ward Committee, BWSSB, BDA, BESCOM, Traffic police, Resident Welfare Associations.
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BBMP (Bhruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike), Bangalore
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The partners in our efforts are BBMP which plans and implements the infrastructure improvements and Traffic Police who enforce traffic regulations as the implementation partners; Residents , Ward Committee, NGOs such as Resident Welfare Associations as Active Citizens helping to identify problem areas providing feedbacks and suggestions, Embarq which specialises in urban mobility issues as technical partner.

How does your idea encourage citizens to participate in making roads safer?

By involving residents and engaging them actively through public gatherings and providing feedback makes citizens part of the solution. This also encourages citizens to follow safety rules. Private Organisations are partnering to make the project a success. A number of Organisations have come forward to participate in this initiative through the PPP program.

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Co-ordination between various agencies is a major challenge. The government procedure of implementing the project which involves tender process is lengthy and therefore the impact of the project can be seen only after a certain period of time.

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Active citizenship: Projects that work to promote active engagement with road safety from individual citizens, pedestrians, communities, and social networks, or that use education as a tool to raise awareness and promote engagement, Governance: Projects that address public policy, legal, and/or regulatory issues in the area of road safety.

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The rapid urbanisation is not just the problem seen in HSR Layout, but throughout Bangalore. The vehicles on the roads in Bangalore today is over 50 lakhs today. To have a sustainable growth of the city and to keep our city roads safe for everyone, it is necessary to have a plan in place. Another crucial aspect is to have the co-ordination between different agencies within the government. The Neighbourhood Improvement Programme address the issue of road safety and the needs of all the stakeholders working together to make the plan a success.