Helmet Renting Kiosks

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Helmet Renting Kiosks: Enable development of kiosks that rent out helmets

Chennai, IndiaChennai, India
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$50,000 - $100,000
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Rent a helmet concept is to enable people of india easy access to these life savers on the go . Set up mobile kiosks with partnership that rent out helmets with sensors fitted on them for tracking, payment and also to ensure emergency help is given to them during accidents.E.G Smartskull idea.

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To address the growing number of 2 wheeler accidents and the fatalities there on. Today the numbers are staggering when you look at the number of accidents involving 2 wheelers. If you skim through the dailies, there would be atleast 2-3 fatalities every day due to 2 wheelers and about 1-2 would be due to the fact that either the driver or the passenger were not wearing helmets.Two of the reasons are “Inconvenience” and “Accessibility”.

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A key constraint for many motorists today as they commute on work between cities is that they do not want to go through the hassle of carrying helmets along wherever they go. One possible solution is to make these helmets available and accessible on the go in roadside shops/ teashops (solutions are unlimited here!) and these could be picked up on rent. We could have n number of technology options to make sure that the service provider gets paid but the core functionalities of that helmet would be to save a life or save 2 lives. When we could have a Xerox shop, a mobile recharge shop, a tea shop or for that matter a liquor shop available every nook and corner, why not a helmet shop?
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This is an idea stage project and hence a hypothetical example. All of us are aware of the risks of helmet less driving. However we face situations where we come out of the house on some urgent work and forget to take our helmets along. If these kiosks are setup, we could leverage them to pick up helmets and ensure our safety needs are not compromised by the urgency of the situation. Hence the imperative need to ensure that these stalls are setup through shops that sell miscellaneous needs like tea, coffee,cigarette and ensure that the accessibility needs of people are achieved. The technology built in through either smartsensors or bluetooth (we could look at the smartskull idea for) would ensure scaling and help avoid malpractices .

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Since this is an idea stage project and hence no work has been done till date. However since the start of this competition, I have engaged with my friends and families on facebook and other social media and they are excited at the prospect. Though a trivial idea, through proper media push and funding, we could achieve scale and output at the same rate at which voice and data services have so far reached through the corners of india between 2005 and now. What we do have to understand is that for this idea to succeed, the scale should be massive. The reason is we are looking at an idea where anyone can rent a helmet from any kiosk within a certain km distance and be able to drop it off anywhere and so this would need diligent planning in terms of inventory management, support systems (to repair faulty helmets), green initiatives( to ensure cost of helmets are not very big) etc

Spread Strategies: Moving forward, what are the main strategies for scaling impact?

1. Education and awareness - Ensure that enough advocacy and support is available for this initiative from government, road safety organizations, students . 2. Reach - The scale where the impact would be realized is massive. There are no boundaries for this idea and this has the potential to reach every nook and corner provided adequate backing 3. Opportunities - Another advantage is that this idea opens up new revenue opportunities- commerical (set up shops), job (transportation/inventory management), industries (manufacturing helmets),technology (sensors) and hence is good for economy.

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Public private partnership to enable setting up this kiosks and also governmental push in encouraging this through ads . For sustainability of funds, we need to involve corporates who stand to benefit through this as this is a good business model they could explore for future. Also Budget is needed to promote this idea among youngsters through ads, social media groups since the youngest generation should be the first target group (Age 15 -30).

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Smart skull is a similar idea. However they are talking about buying helmets, we wanted to ensure two things 1. Enable these to be available to rural population as well. Today if you go and sell these advanced helmets in market place, maybe urban population has the capacity to buy but rural , no. Most accidents take place not just within the cities but on the highways as well 2. Hygiene issues can be solved by using a disposable inner covering on these helmets which can be removed after single use. these could be bio-degradeable nets as well thereby not endangering the environment

Founding Story

Today many people come out of their houses and start their travel on their 2 wheelers and have a "Oh no " moment when they realize they have left their helmets at home. The "aha" idea mentioned here is to eliminate more of the "Oh no" moments by giving them an option to go to a nearby kiosk and rent helmet and make sure their journey is safe. I have had many of these oh no moments


Currently this is just an idea and I am hoping that I can form a team from this group
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Sanu Mathew's picture

l love the concept of Helmet renting. A great initiative !! Helmet wearing is compulsory for riders but still we see many riders dont wear it . So Helmet kiosk with awareness and strong enforcement rules of fines and punishment will make it a sucessful initiative

Sachin Malhan's picture

As an idea this is excellent but it needs to be elucidated in greater detail to bring out its full potential. Have sent you some suggestions.