TOHL: Mobile Infrastructure

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TOHL: Mobile Infrastructure

San Jose de Maipo, ChileSantiago, Chile
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$100,000 - $250,000
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TOHL developed a patent-pending technology for installing pipelines cheaply, quickly sustainably, and in any location. This technology utilizes much longer segments of pipeline than what is traditionally used. Single segments of pipeline are manufactured in lengths of 500 meters to several kilometers, and these long segments are loaded directly onto large spools that are deployed via helicopter or truck. The pipelines have fewer connections, which decreases labor hours during installation and allows the pipelines to be in operation faster than is possible if using conventional infrastructure technology. The installation methods also allows for TOHL to access previously unreachable areas.
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What if the world had access to a constant source of fresh water?
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Narrowing TOHL’s initial focus to the Chilean region, one can perceive the inefficient water delivery methods that occur in non-urban areas. Batched delivery processes to communities often use water trucks. This dispersal method, although effective in short term needs, becomes costly to municipalities and have environmental ramifications. Conventional pipelines are another means of water logistics, but have long install times and break easily.

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TOHL is faster, more cost-effective, comparatively unlimited by terrain, and more sustainable versus the status quo. TOHL uses large spools to install pipe segments of up to 6 km in lengths, as opposed to 100 meters or less. TOHL also can utilize a helicopter to quickly install pipe over terrain where it is not practically or financially feasible for other companies. In our pilot test, we laid 1 kilometer of pipe over challenging terrain in 9 minutes, and had running water in just over 8 hours. We did not clear cut trees, or damage the land. We used fewer connections and less energy, and we were able to remove and repackage the system in under 8 hours. The problem being solved is in fluid logistics for humanitarian and industrial clients.
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A specific case study at the cost savings of implementing TOHL’s technology can be seen in Boyenar, San Jose de Maipo, Chile. In the outskirts of this community, 55 families are currently receiving their municipal water services by way of water truck. At a cost to the municipality of $8,000 USD per month, this system does not provide constant flow, is shockingly expensive, and lacks the dignity of a modern amenity in a household environment. TOHL can install a system for approximately $110,000 USD for this community with a 23% margin – a system that will replace the water truck, last for 15-20 years, and that will pay itself off in 1 year at the current rate the municipality is paying for water resources.

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TOHL delivers water to people who need it urgently. For example, TOHL quickly and cheaply provides a continuous flow of water to natural disaster victims and refugees in camps. In times of drought, when water is out of reach, TOHL helps farmers save their crops. TOHL also limits the damage caused by forest fires. We deliver water more rapidly, more reliably, and closer to the flames than other solutions to help extinguish the fire faster. TOHL’s social benefits are clear: we save lives, preserve livelihoods, protect homes, and conserve resources. At every step of water delivery, TOHL simply uses less. Short-term solutions like water trucks and helicopters burn through large amounts of fuel. Conventional pipelines leave a massive footprint during transportation and installation. We source, transport, and install pipelines efficiently, using fewer connections and less energy.

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TOHL’s business model thrives in the changing world, where no conventional providers can deliver water as efficiently. TOHL operates on an as-needed basis, as a consultant, general contractor or subcontractor. Our delivery can be priced by entire projects or by individual tasks, including design, procurement, installation, operation, and removal. TOHL will win contracts because competitors are slower, more expensive, and environmentally damaging.

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TOHL’s target consumers are those that need and those that provide water. The targets primarily include governments, corporations, and organizations that require water solutions. For instance, TOHL will market to international organizations and governments to provide water for camps, towns, cities, or for wildfire management. TOHL will continue to contract with corporate social responsibility programs that seek to improve the communities in which they operate. TOHL will also remain available as a subcontractor to conventional water providers.

Founding Story

In 2010, my co-founder and I saw Bill Clinton speaking on BBC as part of the coverage of the aftermath of the Haiti Earthquake. We were appalled at all the suffering, but especially at the lack of access to water. People were dying from lack of access to water, and this impacted us deeply to the point of action. Water was available, but it couldn’t be delivered because the roads were impassable. Airdrops were effective, but limited in capacity. The idea of using traditional pipelines was absurd, because they take so long to install. The solution was simple. We had to reinvent pipelines.
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TOHL, Inc.
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Mobile Infrastructure: Water Installations for Marginalized Communities in Chile

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TOHL, Inc.

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, RM, Santiago

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, RM, San Jose de Maipo

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-Have five installations complete in separate Chilean communities by the end of 2013
-Hire a Chilean country manager so that upper-management can focus on expansion to other Latin-American countries
-Measure impact on an estimated 1,100 individuals who will be receiving water at a constant flow for the first time in their lives

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TOHL has demonstrated significant demand for their services globally, partnerships and alliances have been formed with key industry players, and legal corporate structures as well as patents are in place. Now TOHL needs to grow their team in order to be able to implement the infrastructure contracts that will be signed in the coming months and years. Some of the pieces of the team are in place, but some clear positions are missing. TOHL’s growth is severely hampered if we are unable to hire salaried team members now. TOHL’s management see no reason to wait reason to wait until having enough cash flow from operations. It is inefficient to wait for organic growth when there is a clear demand for TOHL’s services globally. In order to hire the experienced professional needed for implementing these projects and pursuing others through our strategic partnerships, TOHL is raising between $500,000 and $1,000,000 USD. This money will be used for working capital for operations, to hired a CFO, 2 operations team members, a Chilean country manager, and two more sales team associates. TOHL plans to build the best company possible in line with the financial and human resources it currently has.

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As TOHL continues to address the global demand for increased access to water and other fluids, it is important for TOHL to locate an human capital partner with the ability and the aptitude to assits our team in its growth. As our product seeks to scale in the Latin American sphere, and potentially outside of this region, we believe that American Express excels in areas of social impact and targeted growth. We are seeking partners to scale outside of Chile, and could uses American Express' help in writing a narrative that coincides the the mission behind a social enterprise.

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Our board of advisors includes five separate individuals who are experts in their fields: from heavy industry (construction, mining), academics (civil engineering professor), to innovation and inventiveness (CEO of an innovation center in Chile). All of these individuals provide in-depth technical support, and and wide breadth of industry know how. However, due to the nature of our new product, we are seeking to define a new paradigm in infrastructure development. Our previous consultants/advisors have succeeded in bringing us a few contracts, but we seek consultancy in defining our technology

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What has been the impact of your solution to date?

The technology behind TOHL’s success is proven and market-ready for a variety of industrial and humanitarian needs. The first successful pilot of the Mobile Infrastructure technology took place in July 2012 with direct assistance from a variety of Chilean-based partners, including the Chilean Red Cross, Tigre, EcoCopter, SIDE Chile, and CORFO. This working product demonstrated the ability to deploy 1.2 kilometers of pipeline over an 86 meter elevation change in mountainous territory. The actual pipeline installation occurred in 9 minutes, with the subsequent power source, pump, and filtration system being installed in another 8 hours. A flow rate of 14 liters/minute was achieved in this pilot, which is a significant amount considering the small size of the tubing.

What is your project future impact after receiving professional support from American Express?

With TOHL’s plans for gradual global expansion outside of Chilean operations, a similar path will guide the management team’s actions. The passion to provide continuous water flow technologies to marginalized communities in emerging economies acts as a motive to seek out such customers. Stakeholders with a vested interest in these communities (municipalities, local businesses, NGOs and multinational organizations) will pay for such systems. The provision of such services to industrial clients outside of Chile will be sought in the near future as well. Prospective industries that have already been in contact with executives from TOHL include defense industry, construction, and oil and gas. Over 135 separate municipalities are currently on TOHL’s list of possible clients.