One Youth One Product Programm

One Youth One Product Programm

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My idea is to help unemployed young people in Namibia to gain skills . they are going to learn one skill on how to make one product through learning in a form of a workshop for two to three weeks . they are then expected to produce that specific product for a market and earn income and creating jobs . unemployment in Namibia is 51% which is mostly young people . OYOP shops will market produce

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becouse one youth will focus on one product only and there are 300 000 youths unemployed in namibia . so you are going to have in any given year if your intake of youth are 5 000 in a year you will have 5 000 different products and 5000 different skilled people producing for OYOP shops / markets across the country , skills plus products plus markets plus employment plus taxes plus innovative products . this aproach will be more effective as it creates enterpreneurs in any given year who can trace their product from start to finnish therefore owning the means of production themeselves and controlling the markets themeselves .the markets are open for any new products that can satisfy a need and there a great need for new locally manufactured products . the idea is going to concentrate mostly on manufacturing and production based activities that are going tocreate something from nothing or fro scracth , 5 ooo unemployed youth each year entering the COSDEF centre which are situated all over namibia for two to four weeks depending on the course taken . the courses will range from soap making , acndle making , papermaking , clay brick making , toy making , food proccesing and drying , arts and crafts , compost making , landscaping activities , cloth making , the idea is to do new poroduct development .It is innovative becouse no one has ever tried to eradicate unemployed in namibia for over 20 year now , i am going to ertadicate the idea in the minds of youth of sitting and doing nothing accept smoking or drinking or enganging in crime . I am going to say my brother or my sister here is a pen and paper or sezer or glue whatever we are going to use . i am going to teach you for four weeks free of charge how to make jam , please be seriouse becouse for the rest of the year you are going to produce jam for the namibian defence force . and i train for four weeks using local and international experts in jam making to train youth .the jam is sold in a cooperative market OYOP

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For instance last week i spend two weeks in swakopmund to train a group of 15 women on how to make soaps , lotions,shampoos , they were so excited that they could lear a skill in two weeks and the third week start to manufacture hand made soaps for cooperative gifts to companies in one week they got 50 orders to produce gifts for a company , they where unemployed but they now have income , now imargine duplicating this idea to 5000 unemployed youth in a year . this will create a new generation of thinking by african yout and new enterpreneurs and if this model is succesfull it coul be duplicated across the african continent where people spend thier whole day under a tree and drink or just doing nothing , this will give and create a new economy for africans and youth in particuler by bringing into the market 5000 ne w products each year , no product will be the same and this new products will be produced by unemployed african youth and solkd in set up markets called OYOP named after the programme . 5000 x 5years = 25 000 new products to the market. 25Approximately 350 words left (2000 characters).

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The primary problem I want to adress is iddleness . A person waking up in the morning , and he has nothing to do with a whole day that god has given to him reason being that he completed high school or he dropedout and he cannot get a job or he has qualifications butb here is no job or he is uneducated but he cannot find a job No, No , No any product tah you can produce in a day is called production and in the developed world you need to produce or earn a living . We want people especially those who have no jobs to start being active . And i have no skills ( our answer is we will give you the skills ) , another will say but I have no money for education , we are going to say its for free you dont bring anything but yourself . but i do not know were to sell my products we are going to say we have set up OYOP shops to market your producs t. You have something to do throgughout the year and you are going to do it right and be innovative and grow with this one product. i think tah the problee

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I have been succesfull with the women in swakopmund and i am looking for more funding to expand to other regions and to incude more partcipants in the programme as i have said we are going to have a maximum output of youth about 5000 each year , i am also in discussion with the ministry of education and the variouse technical schools to look at how we can cooprate biut this is going to be taken as purely from a codst recovery basis , that whatever we are going to put in we expect more form our investments either in terms of p[roduction and number of youth who have joined the programmed i am currently looking for funds draft a business plan which ii am going to submit to stakeholders in this new inniative for we have tested the idea and th concept with COSDEF and it has worked briliantly the idea is scale down and expend to other COSDEF in the country , I am hoping that i will get small funding to start

Results: Describe the expected results of these actions over the next three years. Please address each year separately, if possible

In 2010 to 2011 we are hoping to produce 5000 new products and hopefully within those products there are going to be award winning innovative new ideas from the youth , we are going to give skills to 5 000 unemployed , how we are going to achieve such an ambitiouse plan relies on planning . The second year we are going to start building our OYOP shops region per region starting of with one huge shop in one region using permaculture desgn technics to minimise costs . The last year is to expand by building more shops and getting more youths involved which is going to be 15 00 youth during the first three years . and also to work with Instructor vollunteers to come and help out with the trainings , depending on the number of vollunteers from all over the world we are then going expand and increase the youth and venues but for now COSDEC will host tghe programm in its entirity until it can become self sustaining . and hopefully within the next three we have learned something about african solving african problems using african idea grown in africa . this concepts lookApproximately 350 words left (1200 characters).

How many people will your project serve annually?

More than 10,000

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Less than $50

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Its going to look at how the whole educational system is going to view vocational schooling in namibia , currently it takes about four to three years to go vocational school to become a carpenter or jam maker, infact there are no specific schools just to learn how to make the basic goods that we consume and use everyday , its going to make it compulsory for every youth to learn how to make basic goods we use everyday and it costs a lot of money and this are the people we need in our country to produce products and create jobs , but everyone looks at this jobs as dirty w

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The most important partners is cOSDEF as the fascilitators of the One Youth One Product Programme and also making thir centres countrywide available to train the youth for no fee at all . The second are the vollunteer instructors who are having more then one skills to share with an unemployed youth . the third is the ministry of youth and sport which has aknowledged that they cannot deal with 10 000 youth who are out of school every year who cannot find meaningfull work in the formal job market and also in the informal one . This are very important and crucial players . and most importantly the parents who are tired and not know how to deal with their children sitting the whole day doing nothing at home , and also the community which has to deal with thie mebers being involved in unproductive activities around theior communities just becouse they have productive to do , not neccesrely that they have no income but the main challenge doing something productive something that you can see and touch with your hands and be proud that you have made it with your own hands , the idea is also that people can learn to apreciatete the natural resources around them and turn them into something productive , indstead of always buying from the chinese shop . the idxea os also that out of many products we can have some really new innovation which can be described as world class . Buit ifn you do not experiemnet and polish this hidden diomonds of the african soils no one will discover them and their talents will be hidden for ever just becouse we were not responding or accomodative enough to give them a chance yto express themeselves and their ideas , enterpreneurship is lost when governments do not have the right policy or educational systems inplace to nurture enterpreneurship and it has all died in namibia we as a private inninitative we want to ignite this spark agin in people and sya it great if you start with one small product and Approximately 250 words left (1200 characters)

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The Story
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I was unemploued for a longtime and I set up my company which was supply basic needs to the community such as making bricks and building toilets , the problem was the people wanted to work for me but I did not have a job for so what i did i would come up with an idea of something to produce and i will use my own money to buy the materiaals and train them and they then produce for me and i am selling to the next person , so thjis made me realise people who are unepmloyed are willing to work but they just dont knolw what to produce and for whom should they produce it for and how much they should charge for it and where to get the raw mateiraals so i decide if it has worked in my community using my skills that i have learned to employ those young people the something must be wrong with the way we are fcarying out unemployment programmes in the country so i thought we need a new aproach rto tackle unemployment which is already creating socia;l prblems and geting out of hand especially among the yout standing 51 % in a country of two million people its not good at all and we need something drastic to solve the problem . i thjink this is going to be the best way becouse it is amullty faces t solution touching on variouse issuesboth socuial and busieness and educational as well, there is also a culture of work being cultivated amongst the youth which is a good thing looking at the resources that africa ghas which we cannot use beclouse we ahev no skills

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I am nathaniel Nico shikongo . i am 33 years of age single nevr maried , and i have no children , i have worked for myself since the age of 21 I was never employed by anyone accept as a worker in the NGO sector , conservation and the environment to be spoecifioce on my journey I have met a lot of people and i have also experiemented with a lot of idea some are just bearing fruit now and other have not worked but I am alwasys inventing and thinking about new idea on how to improve the live of african ppeople who are suffering espewcia;lly in rural villages and this are also the areas that has all the natural resources , i have a special place in my heart for rural development and allof the potential it has in creating wealth self sustaining capacities in all the ways . I am a conservationis with keen interest in environmental issues , i am currently accepted to study environmental law at the UNITAR - Environmenta law programe . i am accepted in their Diploma for environmental law but i manged only to raise funds of N$ 3000 namibian dolars and i am in need of N$ 6 000 so I realy want to do this distance DIPLOMA Wwith my whole heart and if there is anyone who can help me I apreciate that . I was in windoeh in 1976 09 11 and schooled there , windhoek is the capital of namibia , i grew up in the locationof katutura on the outskirts of windhoek just like any other lcations in southern africa , my father died fighting in the liberation strugle of namibia i have not actually seen him becouse i was not born yets when he left the country . I finished matric and went straight to work , And i am the founder of the Ohangwena forest trust and NGO helping rural communities living aroubd the forest woodland to generate income forn their natural forests . my grandparents stay in one of the villages .

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