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Social Energy Australia

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Social Energy Australia has the vision of providing the poor, disadvantaged and elderly with cheap or potentially free electricity.

This will be achieved through building a Social Business (business with social objectives and zero dividends) based around providing solar energy to these groups and greatly reduced energy to all other areas of society.

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Social Energy Australia
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Social Energy Australia

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Existing solar technology has an up front cost that puts it out of reach of the people who need it most. One of Social Energy Australia’s objectives is to provide cheap to free clean energy to these groups so they do not have that financial pressure.

Being a Social Business means Social Energy Australia is not driven by making profit but rather fixing social and environmental issues. Profit will be generated through the extra power that is generated and returned to the grid.

There is also the opportunity to sell these systems at a decreased price to everyone outside these groups who will then receive the advantage of no power bill and the sale of the electricity will then be credited back to them. The profit from the installation of these systems will then be reinvested into achieving the social outcomes of the business.

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Our vision is that the poor, elderly and disadvantaged do not have the lights turned off. That they have access to energy for the rest of their life and external circumstances (such as increase in the cost of energy) do not have an overwhelming and crippling effect on their standard of living.

With a pilot project in a suburb, which has a high concentration of these groups residing in them we will quickly be able to determine the weaknesses in this project and how we can scale it quickly to enable suburbs to power themselves and the buildings around them.

Social Energy Australia would also like to work towards creating self sufficient towns through the use of other renewable energy technologies such as wind and ultimately become the primary energy provider in Australia.

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Energy is one of the leading issues we face this century and innovative solutions need to be found in order to enable everyone (regardless of economic status) to have equal access to energy.

With recent announcements of price increases for power it has moved many families, pensioners and disadvantaged into a situation where essentials will need to be cut to survive.

Social Energy Australia aims to provide energy to these groups while reducing reliance on our existing energy system. This will be good for the environment and reduce the financial pressures on these groups.

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The first step is to a source investment for a pilot project in a suburb with a lower social economic index and a high density of the groups we want to help.

We are also looking for technology partners and research partners to work towards the goal of all increasing the use of renewable energy sources.

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Year 1 - Pilot program, testing, refining and adjustment
Year 2 - Roll out across Western Australia (Cities and Regional)
Year 3 - Roll out Australia wide and start investing in other renewable energy technology to build diverse capacity

How many people will your project serve annually?

More than 10,000

What is the average monthly household income in your target community, in US Dollars?

$1000 - 4000

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We expect that ultimately Social Energy Australia will replace many of the large commercialised energy organisations that exist around Australia. This will require new legislation for Social Energy Australia to become a Social Business energy provider (currently our legal structures don' support this).

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Idea phase

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Partnerships would be key to success. We can split the partnerships into the below categories:

Solar Technology Manufacturers - to purchase the systems off
Technology Partners - such as Google or IBM to maximise the distribution and monitoring of the network
Government Partners - Office of Energy would need to be a close partner and provide support
University / R&D Partners - Once Social Energy Australia is making a profit this will be reinvested in more systems and sustainable resource technology development.
Membership / Accreditation Groups - There are a number of accreditation and membership groups that Social Energy Australia would need to be part of.

We would like to learn more about how your initiative is financially supported. Please explain your business plan/revenue model

Social Energy Australia will raise initial capital for the pilot project from investors who are looking to invest their money in something that will provide lasting social change not only for the poor and disadvantaged but for the whole of Australia.

The revenue model will be 3 tiered -

1) Poor, Disadvantaged and Elderly will have the systems provided for free and from that point forward receive free power.
2) The second group of people who fall out of the first category will have a low interest loan guaranteed by Social Energy Australia to pay for the equipment, this will be a 10 year loan that will be paid back by Social Energy Australia from the revenue generated by the excess power pushed back into the electrical grid.
3) Any individuals who don't fall into the first two groups will be able to purchase the systems at a lower rate than other providers and the additional revenue generated by their system has 20% go back to Social Energy Australia while the occupants will receive the additional revenue.

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