Teaching Haitians

Teaching Haitians

$100,000 - $250,000
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Haiti was a country overcrowded with sub standard housing, they have/had niether the resources or education to build substantial housing. What's needed are the resources/funds to give them proper building materials and people to educate them on how to build properly. This would not only provide good housing but teach job skills as well.

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, NY

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Less than a year

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as the expression goes "give a man a fish and he'll return looking for more, teach a man to fish (in this case build) and he becomes self sustainable.

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To provide subtainable housing by teaching is to create jobs, build neighborhoods where people care, to provide adequate shelter to children and the elderly.

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Lack of funding, volunteering, material and machinery, engineers and architects with the know how and willingness to teach.

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Ive none at the moment.

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1st year, removal of rubble, clearing for foundations, classes in building
2nd year, new housing, more jobs and business created
3rd year, new neighborhoods, better schools, community gardens, safe housing for children and elederly

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Less than $50

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Idea phase

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Donations of supplies and macinery/tools, companies willing to pay employees 1/2 wages to participate, with out partnerships it would not suceed.

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Just an idea at the moment

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Earthquake in Haiti

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Just a merchant sailor who has seen alot of the world which sometimes makes me very grateful for what I do have and wishing I could improve some of the places I have seen.

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Through another organization or company

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