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LMI IS COMMITTED TO ENTREPRENEURIAL SKILL BUILDING AS PANACEA FOR NIGERIA AND INDEED, AFRICA’S DEVELOPMENT.To this end, we mobilize broad spectrum of this poor and vulnerable groups especially people in hard to reach communities to initiate, design and implement programmes (special poverty alleviation programmes) that results in sustainable improvement in their well-being as well as facilitates their reintegration into the mainstream society.

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LMI Target areas and communities in which we engage are: Densely populated areas,Dropouts from schools or involved in illicit trade (i.e. ex-commercial sex workers, street hawkers, Orphans, widows, single parents etc),Had experiences of one form of abuse or the other as well as young women and girls who have lost hope of a better life and a career.

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To dispel the notion that women cannot succeed in traditionally male jobs, we train a proud troop of female auto mechanics in a program that offers a three -year course to women of all backgrounds, We offer course that teaches the fundamental skills of diagnosis and repair, and teaches students to build customer loyalty through friendly and efficient service. We also emphasize ethics in trainings, uniting trainees in the mission to establish a reputation of fairness for women mechanics. Where male mechanics have earned a reputation for inflated prices and shoddy workmanship, our trainees maintain an image of professionalism and customer care. It is a new contribution to the field as it is the first of its kind in which young women/girls are empowered in this skill for a sustainable livelihood.
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The program is a three year course. Also, the trainees are sent to our partners (such as Peugeot Automobile Nigeria in Kaduna), where they receive other high class training programme on fault finding, repairs, installation, dismantling and assembly etcetera. This specific programme is usually 3 months in each. Examinations are conducted to assess the trainee; it will help to measure the capacity of a trainee, know the trainee weakness and strength; this aids improvement both in practical and theory. Apart from the technical training the ladies follow monthly lectures. This monthly meeting is important for the trainees because it is part of the process preparing them for business as a small-scale enterprise involved in motor mechanical repairs. The meeting will also help to maintain that the trainees remain proud ambassadors of the initiative at all times. The three year training programme is summarized as follows; Year One: The trainees become involved in the rudiments of the programme through active direct repairs, thus removing the normal style of mechanical training usually associated with other unorganized mechanical workshops. Because the training officers are educated, focused and follow the timetable of the programme, the trainees begin to know how to fix a car from the first year, and also go through a spare parts training for two months. Year Two: The trainees are sent to our partners, Peugeot Automobile Nigeria in Kaduna, Coscharis Motors Lagos, where they receive other high class training programme on fault finding, repairs, installation, dismantling and assembly etc. The programme is usually 3 months in each. Trade test exam is also carried out. Year three (Entrepreneurship and Business Start-up Phase) The purpose of the Start-up Programme in the 3rd and final year is to help facilitate and secure livelihood for the graduating trainee. This is the ultimate goal of Lady Mechanic Initiative, partner and trainee. The trainee will undergo three months driving school (practical and tutorials). Through the knowledge and skills gained over the initial 2 years, the empowered female can now move forward and utilize these skills by being employed in a reputable company/partner (as internship), where the trainee will work for three months and if company sees her capable, retain her. LMI will guide and support the trainee both from a business management and financial perspective. The initiative and partner will help advice the individual to obtain the funds to Start-up their own SME.
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A devout Christian, she says that God spoke to her through series of childhood dreams and told her that she should become a mechanic. With no other mechanics in the family, her father initially scoffed at the idea, until he traveled to the US in the 1980s and saw women working in positions considered "men only" in Nigeria. Back in Nigeria, he gave her his full support, but her mother was not in support, because she was afraid of the physical challenges associated with the profession. Nevertheless, she forged ahead with her dream at the age of Fourteen years. Although her first "garage" was a patch of land covered with cardboard for shade, which was demolished by authority that did not deter her. Today she is a brewing success.igeShe has gone ahead to impact on the lives of over 70 young women and girls, who are currently working in reputable auto-mobile companies across Nigeria. She has always aimed high. An avid reader of self-help books, Aguebor encourages her girls to think big – and they do.
Sandra Aguebor- Ekperuoh, is the Initiator,Founder/CEO, Lady Mechanic Initiative, (a not-for profit organization set up to train and empower young ladies through auto mechanic profession and wealth creation for a sustainalbe livelihood.

Social Impact
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LMI’s Picture of Success: Fast Facts

-Through funding from Coca-Cola Nigeria Ltd/Nigerian Bottling Company 100 girls will be trained in Edo state by 2015
-Over 200 girls have been trained by LMI
-80% programme completion rate
-100% of trainees either gain employment or start their own businesses
-Partnership developed with all the multinational car companies in Nigeria
-Partnership developed with 30 pay and train centers in Lagos and Edo State
-Established a partnership with Citi Serve Micro Finance Bank in collaboration with VIGEO to train three young girls
-LMI has received various awards locally and international
-LMI is a strategic partnership with Lagos State’s Ministry of Women Affairs & Poverty Alleviation
-LMI has featured on local and international media

LMI success has been measured so far from the above facts. We have also been able to measure our success by the number of people who commend the work we have been doing as well as the number of calls that come in and enquiries on a daily basis.

How many people have been impacted by your project?


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How will your project evolve over the next three years?

Over the next three years, the project will have evolved and gone on a larger scale reaching more young vulnerable women and girls across states in Nigeria where we are yet to reach as well as moving into neighbouring African countries.

With the building of the Lady Mechanic Permanent site in Lagos and Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria, which we plan on holding a fundraising event to raise funds for the building of the sites. This will comprise of an Ultra Modern garage, training centres, hostels for trainees form across and outside the country, Administrative blocks, A gas station for sustainability.With these,we plan to be able to reach a larger number of vulnerable young women/girls.

What barriers might hinder the success of your project and how do you plan to overcome them?

The barriers that might hinder the sucess of our project is inadequate funding. We plan on overcoming it by the way we always do by making do with our sustainability, which is the Auto-Garage.Sandex Car Care Limited also know as the Lady Mechanic garage provides sustainability for the Initiative. To this, service charge gotten from the servicing and repairs of clients and companies vehicles keeps the project running in the absence of funding.

Tell us about your partnerships

We have had partnership with MTN Foundation,which sponsored 50 vulnerable young women and girls.EAF in the Netherlands, 15 trainees, Coca-Cola/ Nigerian Bottling Comapany, 100 Vulnerable young women/girls, Inspire Africa Foundation as well as individual as well as religious partnerships.

Explain your selections

Family and friends who come to the garage to service and fix their vehicle give back to the Initiative, Individaul donors sponsor the trainings of the trainees, Corporate organizations , customers that is clients who come for repairs as well as Businesses and Foundations.

How do you plan to strengthen your project in the next three years?

We plan on strengthening our project in the next three years by taking the Initiative to a wider public. To this end, with the building of the Lady Mechanic Permanent Center, we plan on training more young women from within and outside the country, with this we will branch in to states in which we are yet to reach thereby empowering and training more vulnerable young ladies.

Partnerships and Accountability
Please tell us more about how your partnership was formed and how it functions. What specific role does each partner play? What unique resources does each partner bring to the initiative?

Partnerships was formed by most corporate organizations as well as foundations and donor organization and also individuals seeing the work we do and inviting us the bring in our proposals although we also send out proposals as well. Most Partners we have Provide the funds in which we use for the training of the young ladies, we support the young ladies with a little stipend which aids in their transportation and little basic needs to prevent them from falling back on their social vices.

How are you building in accountability for students' successful STEM learning outcomes? Please provide a summary and examples.

We plan on encouraging more young people to develop their talents and use their hands to work and to make them realize there is dignity in hardwork.

To this end, we plan on working with the young ones by giving career talks to schools and to encourage more females to go into the Auto-mobile engineering sector as well as other professions that were once seen as male dominated.


Investment, Human Resources/Talent, Marketing/Media, Research/Information, Pro-bono help (legal, financial, etc.), Innovation/Ideas, Mentorship.

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We need Investors to come into the building project, banks, companies, organizations to build up and name the structures after their companies. For Human Resources and talent, we will need the human resources and more talents to aid in Innovations and ideas, because we strive on new ideas to move forward. With the marketing and media, we will need more media insight on the work we do and marketing of the whole garage project to prospective funders and investors. For the legal angle we will need legal assistance as well as the financial support to assit most of the women we work with will need legal aid and assistance in case they fall into the hands of the law. Mentorship will also be necessary for the young ladies to have someone to look up to as a role model.


Marketing/Media, Collaboration/Networking, Innovation/Ideas, Mentorship.

Please use this space to elaborate on your selection above and/or to add offers that may not be listed.

LMI can offer the above ticked to support other initiatives. To this end, we offer technical support to other organizations as well as help expose young school students to the practical sspect of Auto-mobile engineering.