partnering for excellence innovation science technology engineering math(stem )education

partnering for excellence innovation science technology engineering math(stem )education

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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
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the change i want to bring is in the technological world where every one comes to believe in the possibility of oneself and have a mental positive attitude toward life and its challenges and also have it in mind that there is no such thing as Impossibility because human mind is limitless, until you begin to see your limitations, the success of my organization is far much dependent on the ability of every member of my organization on building technologies and helping younger people believe in themselves and become inspired to build their own technologies

About Project

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the community i engage is a kind of community where young people are intimidated about their ideas to make the impossible become possible it has a stable political structure and has historical background of girls not allowed to go to schools because it was believed that the would definitely leave their parents home.I seen people who are hardened to their belief about that but my organization was able to change it

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excellence is a virtue which can only be achieved when there is wisdom,focus determination with the right mindset. Most students and individuals have been wrongly told and function wrongly towards the fact that science and technology are3 only for a particular set of individuals believed to be super genus of the world without understanding the fact that geniuses are not born but are made.i can remember a particular time when i was in my 4th year in secondary school,the first impression i was made to understand was that science was very difficult and that engineering has to with so much calculations and formulae that could make one go mad but there was something i really knew and that was everyone thinks a task is difficult because he thinks that every one else sees it as a difficult only becomes easy when you try and if you can try you can be the best in that which you do,public enlightenment campaign can be a strategy to curtail the effect of this so called menace in the world thought i strongly believe that the world today operates from a point where your certificate does not really show your true worth,it's your sense of approach your skills when you get to the field.even at a point the student tends to find out that no one is there to encourage you then see encouragement in himself and confront that change he wants for there has not been any change without confrontation every man has in him the ability to cause changes and bring the best technologies into existence if he can see the possibility and then live without limits.
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public enlightenment campaign,sponsorship for competition in other to bring out the best from young people,teaching and encouragement and educating people on the use of modern technologies and the right mindset towards their environment
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1 kola awani

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, LA

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, LA

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Less than a year

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Idea phase

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i am the founder of this organization,my name is Itum Samuel and what inspired me to do this was because i saw so many youth and students who were willing to learn but were limited by the norms and tradition of their community also limited by the extent of their mind

Social Impact
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it has been successful because people come and appreciate the excellent work and in order to say well done supports us with finances

How many people have been impacted by your project?

How many people could be impacted by your project in the next three years?

101- 1,000

How will your project evolve over the next three years?

In the next three years this project will reach out to other nations especially to other African nation.

What barriers might hinder the success of your project and how do you plan to overcome them?

the barrier are the norms and ethics of those nation how we plan to overcome them is by going through their respective leaders and then through the youth empowerment campaign and programs

Tell us about your partnerships

currently i am partnering with the intercity, love world plus,missions

Explain your selections

my family members are in support of this and some other individual who support financially

How do you plan to strengthen your project in the next three years?

i strongly believe that before the next three years the organization will get more sponsors band we will extend our hands of fellowship even to the orphans and undergraduates

Partnerships and Accountability
Please tell us more about how your partnership was formed and how it functions. What specific role does each partner play? What unique resources does each partner bring to the initiative?

the role of the partner is to enlighten people and also reach out to people who might not have been privileged to be a benefactor of this program

How are you building in accountability for students' successful STEM learning outcomes? Please provide a summary and examples.

accountability becomes a necessity as we ensure that we don't loose members as in the outcome and making sure that we are going upward and forward and seeing that change we want to see


Investment, Human Resources/Talent, Marketing/Media, Innovation/Ideas, Mentorship.

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Collaboration/Networking, Innovation/Ideas, Mentorship.

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