G.E.N.I.US Club

G.E.N.I.US Club

$1,000 - $10,000
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Offering primary kids innovative sustained experiences in mathematics and science in afterschool clubs which meet weekly utilizing both the expertise of STEM professionals and existing school teachers.

G.E.N.I.US Club (Getting to Experience the Knowledge In Us), a movement of excellence for VSS Central School

Goal: To engage and inspire students, parents and the Victor Scott "Central" Primary School community in pursuits of excellence in mathematics and science; and to use student experiences to impact the community around them. To inspire children to use their academic talents to impact the world around them. To connect academics to students, parents, and community.

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Central Pembroke is home to low-income neighborhoods who are currently embroiled in an escalated gang war. Several of the children are victims of the violence through their families. The school enrolment had decrease markedly over the years and scores in math and science have lagged.

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The program identifies teachers and helps them to connect with STEM professionals. Together the teaching teams work to design engaging learning experiences for students in the upper primary grades at Victor Scott Primary School. The GENIUS club focuses on relevant real world applications of science and mathematics. The teaching focus is on exploration and inquiry. Teachers are trained but develop capacity to run the program themselves.
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60- minute afterschool lab activities offered weekly in math/science settings. Monthly field trips to STEM professional settings.
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Institute for Teaching Excellence Action and Change (iTEACH)
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Institute for Teaching Excellence Action and Change (iTEACH)

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5 Hillview Road, Warwick, WK 05

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1‐5 years

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Operating for less than a year

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Dr. Matthews grew up in Central Pembroke and attended the Victor Scott Primary School. I have headed up various community groups in the area working with young people and families. I am a product of the neighborhood and have returned to give my expertise in support of the community. GENIUS represents the genius that exists in the community that has to be built upon as the bedrock of social and economic development.

Social Impact
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The program is in its infancy but already teachers report differences in students' approaches to their work in mathematics and science.

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101- 1,000

How will your project evolve over the next three years?

We would love to incorporate Writing into the project, streamline the lesson focus and further enhance the ability of the teachers to teach math and science.

What barriers might hinder the success of your project and how do you plan to overcome them?

Teacher turnover is a threat. Lack of funding is a hindrance to the program.

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We have partnered with the school and teachers at the school. We have also partnered with STEM professionals who participate in the program.

Explain your selections

Funded from my money and the money of teachers.

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Strengthen curriculum. Track growth in curriculum. Move it into 3 more schools for 2011/2012. Into 10 schools for the following year.

Partnerships and Accountability
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