Using National Values for Preventing Violence Against Women

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Using National Values for Preventing Violence Against Women

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The idea is about using national values in preventing violence against women.

Within the scope of this idea, we are planning to investigate national values and to use the findings in further related capacity building and advocacy work. In other words this investigation will open a new stage in Azerbaijan, which can be used as a tool in other countries in the region as well.

As Azerbaijan is a newly independent state, along with other social sphere, gender issues also is relatively new for our society. Thus there are not enough investigations and research in this field. Therefore, when doing gender work, mostly Western experience and values are tried to be applied as they are.

Azerbaijan is an Oriental state besides being also a former Soviet republic. Unfortunately this is not taken into consideration when doing gender work and protection of women from violence.

Azerbaijan has great historical and moral background and values that we think can be used and would be more effective in preventing violence against women. Examples to such values can be the role of woman as a mother in family. Mother is considered sacred in Azerbaijan families.

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Public Union for Gender Equality and Women's Initiatives
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Public Union for Gender Equality and Women's Initiatives

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Public Union for Gender Equality and Women's Initiatives

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(994 12) 497-6568

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44 Jafar Jabbarli, Baku, Azerbaijan, Caspian Plaza 3, Floor 9

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1-5 years

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The project idea was initiated a month ago and is planned to begin in May, 2010.

What kind of beneficiaries is your initiative addressed to?


Describe the profile of the beneficiaries of this project

Women in Azerbaijan who are vulnarable towards violence especially in rural areas and also CSO representatives working with gender/women's rights issues.

What is your initiative’s implementation strategy?

The implementation strategy is as follows:
1. Investigation to define the national values that can be helpful in preventing violence against women.

2. Working out training modules for capacity building training on new tools worked out based on the findings of the investigation.

3. Building advocacy campaign on application of a new tool on national values in preventing violence against women (the campaign will include wide public discussions).

In your opinion, what are the main barriers or obstacles in connection with this theme?

As the idea is new and innovative, there can be a risk of its inacceptance by the society. However, its national feature can soften its inacceptance.

What type of partnerships you have or intend to generate strategic alliances with for the development of this initiative? Choose all that apply

International organizations, Non-Government organizations.

Describe with whom you have generated these alliances and how

The main alliancaes that are planned to be involved will be international organizations and NGOs. The main field of cooperation will be in using existing experince and knowledge, as well as materials and literature.

What are the main results generated and/or expected to generate by means of this initiative?

The main outcome expected will be development of new tool - finding out national values that can be used in preventing voiolence against women. Also, another outcome will be new mechanisms that can be used in other countries as well.
Training modules, publication on findings will be concrete project products

What is the main impact that your initiative might generate?

The main impact will be reduced violence agains women especially in rural areas.