Seeing Things Clearly

A strong government requires a free flow of information. When this key ingredient is missing, organizations such as these step in to make sure the public is educated and the leadership is held accountable.

Colombian youth are logging onto the Internet to mobilize against government corruption. Young people in Colombia have grown accustomed to illegal activities in business and politics, wearily turning a blind eye to a problem they feel cannot be controlled. Nicolás Hernández’s organization Ocasa (“truth”) is lighting a fire beneath young people, getting them passionate about fighting corruption and showing them they have the power to do something about it. Using an interactive online course, Ocasa gets students invested in eliminating corruption and encourages them to lead their own grassroots movements. 

Comics are perfect for a quick laugh, but in Nigeria the funny pages are used to expose moral and social deviance. The Cartoon Media Outreach in Lagos reaches its large audience everyday with a combination of truth and satire. Their Bark & Bite cartoons are published daily in one of the country’s largest newspapers. Commentary on greed, crime, and bribery make difficult subject matter easy to digest and discuss for readers of all ages. Bark & Bite cartoons use humor to get the public involved in changing the political climate.