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media plattform for videos & informations about "housing" projects (Communitys, Coworking, real estate Co-creations, ...) all over the world with (crowd)funding-widgets like (or from) ~ ~ ~ ...

... helping financing social, ecological & creative real estate projects ~ enabling users to spread their projects all over the internet and collect support, money & co-creators.

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Problem: What problem is this project trying to address?

all kinds of social, ecological, creative REAL ESTATE projects around the world. to finance a project is probably the most critical point. but we want to do more: spreading the word, giving knowledge about building up & leading, promoting very good projects (best practise), ...

Solution: What is the proposed solution? Please be specific!

there is no (crowd)funding website for creative, social, ecological, ... real estate projects. we are the first. in helping to finance & promote these projects we can help all other projects ... also of this competition. you can help us to do so...
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right now we promote projects with own (e.g. youtube) videos on the plattform and invite to embed (crowd)funding-widgets next to own channels on the page: - our first success is to find the right software ( to build the video-aggregator for this software-mashup and to start developing the website online - so everyone can see and participate promoting housing-projects. normaly you measure websites with traffic, but right now we invite project by project personally to embed their video and to help building up an own channel on the website (qualitative and not quantitative traffic). we also build up social media infrastructure (twitter, facebook, ...) and have a few hundred followers right now - for example: - - - -
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i was one of the first 3 members of and helped to fundraise about one million euro to buy the castle (we needed 3 million and with help of the we bought the castle and made a seminar-center, hostel, gastronomy, art-center and alternative school out of it). my job was pr & marketing. after we realised the project i found out that it developed more in the direction of money - and for my thoughts less in social directions. so i left the project.

it was a lot of work. and so i had the vision: first realising a web-plattform for the web-infrastructure of all these real estate projects... and then funding more of these projects and helping others to build up, finance and lead.

Social Impact
How many people have been impacted by your project?

Fewer than 100

How many people could be impacted by your project in the next three years?

More than 10,000

What barriers might hinder the success of your project and how do you plan to overcome them?

to reach the existing and planed projects all over the world. in europe we can do so by using adress-data of - worldwide probably can help. we'll also use the impact of our other project and the goal of building up and connecting (free!) media-centers all over the world.

we search for help and will fund the project to finance human ressources. first we try to do so with social investors - but if that's not enough we'll contact for example "real estate companys" to invest. the possibility of income we see in ADs & building up (financing own) real estate projects.

How will your project evolve over the next three years?

2011: contacting "all" existing social, ecological & creative real estate projects thrue teamwork with (crowd)funding websites, online adress data & NGOs. Building up the redactional part and "branded channels" of the first projects / partners. Coding our own crowdfunding widget. first in germany & europe. starting to promote & fund our first own real estate projects in germay (media-center, urban community garden, ...)

2012: financing and realising our first 2-3 real estate projects - making a documentary online-video serial about them to show best practises.

2013: expanding in the world with our first own real estate projects in developement countries (especially free media centers to promote SOULutions for local and global problems in cooperation with our project

For each selection, please explain the financial and non-financial support from each

- open media foundation e.V. is our own "Verein", startet 2010 - no financial help right now but 25 members (mostly film-producers!) thinking together and pushing our social media infrastructure.

- a team of coders who helps social projects & NGOs developing software, websites & online infrastructure - they will help coding the widget and they pay the URL right now.

- is a Coworkingplace in Berlin, where we make information- and networking-events for local real estate projects in Berlin.

- friends & individuals help us with sending Links (Videos) about interesting projects - so we can make them own channels on

How do you plan to grow and/or diversify your base of support in the next three years?

2011: Contacting more NGOs & Foundations for teamwork in promoting their real estate projects - contacting Companys for raising money thrue advertising - Fundraising thrue our own Charity-Event-Organisation - Contacting Sponsors and probably Investors

2012: Contacting regional governments & NGOs in the areas of own and promoted projects - finding first international partners.

2013: establishing - expanding - optimizing.

Please select your areas of intervention in the home improvement market

Financing, Design, Technology, Technical assistance, Labor, Property rights, Sanitation, Water, Infrastructure, Energy conservation, Renewable energy, Green housing, Environment, Income generation, Urban development, Rural development, Citizen/community participation, Public policy, Other (please specify).

Is your innovation addressing barriers in the home improvement/progressive housing market? If so, please describe in detail your mechanisms of intervention

using the crowd to fund projects isn't really new - but the online infrastructure, especially for real estate projects, is.

it looks like a few percent of the complete markets will change in the direction of crowdfunding (like media, music and ... more and more ... also film-productions).

Are you currently collaborating with private companies, or have you partnered with private companies in the past? With which companies?
Please describe in detail the nature of the partnership(s) ~ coders for *** ~ room for events to promote and connect local social real estate projects *** was the bank financing my first real estate project

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Foundation of the company, Sales department.