Easyhouse - Eco friendly wood based prefab house will welcome

Easyhouse - Eco friendly wood based prefab house will welcome

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An Easyhouse home will welcome you in any weather and at any time of the year, shutters will protect you from the sun in summer and the homely crackling of your fireplace will help you forget the winter freeze in minutes. The dimensions and cubic capacity of our buildings are conducive to rapid heating and ventilation and our solid insulation will shield you from even the most bracing wind.
Easyhouse. Individual model houses which you can build wherever and whenever you want, without long delays and needless formalities. Furthermore, you can put together a project yourself as if you were using blocks – choose the model and design of your house, add another section whenever you want. All you have to do is to enjoy, celebrate and relax, bring your friends and realize your wildest dreams.

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This project would interest at the moment Latvian people. We are working now to get interest from all World, but as i sad this all is in process.

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EASY DESIGN – several ready-made decorative solutions and free space for your imagination. You have every opportunity to create and arrange your dream house without even leaving your computer. EASY TO ASSEMBLE – all you have to do – in line with the conditions is prepare the place where your new house will be based. Most likely, you will not even require any foundations. In any case, we are ready to help you with advice regarding the preparations necessary for each specific piece of land. EASY TO HARMONIZE – individual model houses require no harmonization at all, and there are considerably less formalities even if the building process turns out to be more extensive. We have also prepared all the necessary projects and plans for each model. EASY TO EXTEND – if your wishes, number of family members or friends grow, there are no problems whatsoever extending and improving the chosen model by attaching another module to it or setting up another building right next door. EASY TO CHANGE – if you want to change your landscape, your house can be just as easily transported and re-built somewhere else! You won’t even have to make any repairs – your house can be transported ready for assembly. To make everything easy for you and to help us creating these houses, we have recruited Latvia’s most famous architects and engineers who have spent countless days modeling and remodeling the optimal versions, searching for the very best materials and striving to keep the process within the boundaries of a friendly pric
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People like good design, price and process to work with us. For that short time when we were working we had all time clients which was interested to by some Easyhouse.
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Operating for 1‐5 years

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It was a sunny day and our family was driving out to visit our countryside
land. We have done this many many times. Leave the city, go to our EMPTY
big, beautiful land lot by the lake and dream that someday we will build
something there. There we stood, once again, talking what prevents us from
having a house now? The list was usual: expensive project, endless
formalities, cost and length of building, who will manage thsi stressful
process? And then as a dream we started talking about the ideal way to
have a house in a matter of months: easy to order, easy to assemble, easy
on cost, easy on formalities, easy on time, easy on management. And
easyhouse was born!

Social Impact
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Fewer than 100

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World economical crisis. Our project was stop then when this crisis becam a reality. Now we are working to start our Company again.

How will your project evolve over the next three years?

We are still working on that question. What we need most at the moment is money for other things like production, marketing, sales we are ready.

For each selection, please explain the financial and non-financial support from each

This is a family business, we used our own resources to finance it.

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We are looking for financial investors to expand our business globally.

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Design, Technology, Technical assistance, Sanitation, Water, Infrastructure, Energy conservation, Green housing.

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We where collaborating with companies from whom we by some materials to build and do marketing to our house.

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It's important that we meet strict deadlines when working together with
our suppliers. And that we can also rely on them in providing the best
quality standards.

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Marketing department, Logistics department.