Eco- Houses Project

Eco- Houses Project

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nonprofit/ngo/citizen sector
$250,000 - $500,000
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This a project whereby all precautions about ecology are taken into account. This is a project to be undertaken in urban areas especially cities in our case Dar es salaam, Mbeya, Mwanza and Tanga. One lot comprising 10 plots for 10 houses will be acquired from the government. 10 houses will be built each will have a sim-tank for rainwater harvest, solar PV less than 100 wp, a borehole for water, a modern kitchen, an incinerator, and water filter. Also a strong first aid box for 10 houses.Would be tenants will help in providing labour. Upon completion of the ten houses, tenants will be trained on entrepreneurial skills have access to finance for doing business in order to meet monthly rent. Materials to be used will all be local.

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My project is critical because it takes into account about health, reduction of greenhouse gases, water and sanitation, poverty reduction, governance, peace and tranquility. The benefits accruing include- entrepreneurial education for the tenants to do business for paying rent promptly, the availing them of loans for doing business. Funding sources might be a barrier. I am thinking of selling the idea to others to come and join me in making this dream a reality.

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In the first place the 10 houses will belong to one lot and under one leader here called “Ten Cell Leader” as per government of Tanzania. An installed Sim-tank will be used to collect water during rainy season thus making easier for the tenant to get water and a bore hole will be for drawing water during dry season thus averting the task of going long distances looking for water and buying it expensively. Solar PV will generate electricity for domestic use and therefore avoiding traditional lighting which are expensive. A modern kitchen with all precautions will emit less greenhouse gases. An incinerator will be used to destroy dirty around the house and a strong first Aid box for the 10 houses will take care about health matters within the ten houses. Entrepreneurial training provided to ten tenants will make them afford rent and pay interest and principal for the loan given. From the very beginning the would be tenants will be involved in the building process until the houses are completed. This will create trust and good collaboration between owners of the estate and the tenants. Even the setting of rent will be very easy. This is quiet different from the present practice in Tanzania though the Ten Cell Leadership is present.
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Southern Highlands Income Development Agency

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The idea belongs to Mr. Lawrence Makheya.
Tanzania is a country located in East Africa along the coast of Indian Ocean. The country has four Cities namely Mbeya City, Dar es salaam City, Tanga City and Mwanza City. These cities are inhabited by people who are migrating from villages daily. The most affected city with this movement is Dar es salaam City because it is a business City. Due to few houses and unaffordable rent, people from rural areas build their own small huts/houses without following the authorised plan and therefore making the city to look dirty and unmanageable. Dar es salaam city has a good outlook at its centre and along highways while going upcountry. The government now is failing to control this move.
The owner of the idea wishes to address this through having dialogue with the government on accepting the idea of building 10 houses under one lot by involving those who would be interested to provide labour from the inception. We shall tell them that this project takes into account economic, social, environmental aspects while observing the governance structure of being under one Ten Cell Leader.
The founder is convinced that if a tenant is involved from the start of the project, given all facilities that address environmental hazards, means of doing business, skills on doing business, a good drawn contract, peace between tenant and the estate owner will prevail.

Social Impact
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Fewer than 100

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Finance could be a barrier to this project. This can be overcomed by involving diverse partners worldwide who are ready to support it for its success.

How will your project evolve over the next three years?

I would like it to cover all cities in Tanzania.

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Since the project is still an idea, friend and family are supporting me through non-financial support by encouraging me to be serious on it until it is operational.

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Plans are under way to make it public through a website.
Plans are underway to make a model for people to see and believe.
Plans are underway to solicit funds from friends of Tanzania.
Plans are underway to convert it to a limited company.

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Financing, Technology, Sanitation, Water, Energy conservation, Renewable energy, Environment, Income generation, Urban development, Citizen/community participation, Public policy.

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My intervention has taken into account all aspects pertaining to environment,poverty reduction, water and sanitation, renewable energy, participation of the would be tenants, and health for the 10 residents.

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