Hogares Latinos (HOLA)

Hogares Latinos (HOLA)

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HOLA is a worldwide initiative driven by the will to provide (currently Latin America) necessary solutions and housing alternatives for impoverished citizens. Primarily designed as sustainable and economically viable communities for those in need, HOLAs also providing many other advantages (safety [gated communities], paved roads, potable water [treatment plants], recreation [playgrounds, fields].

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Men, women, children, environment - They will all benefit from our vision. Our initiative is critical in that it truly aims to improve the quality of life for citizens residing in the developments in all phases. Water treatment, secure housing, communities, sports, schooling are just a few benefits that HOLA wishes to provide those in need worldwide. HOLA is providing structurally sound, secure homes that are designed to withstand conditions as well as communities that otherwise lack the necessary infrastructure to upwardly mobilize.

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The uniqueness of the idea is rooted in HOLAs dynamism and versatility. As a violence-ravaged, impoverished country, Honduras (much like other areas of Latin America) was yearning for support in a variety of manners. By providing fully sustainable and secure communities to citizens the burden is, indeed, alleviated with the vigor in which HOLA is approaching many of the issues faced. Families are afforded the ability to coexist safely and affordably; children have the ability to participate physically (1 playground, 1 soccer field per community - ultimately, there will be 35 communities within Honduras alone - 3500 homes); potable water (treatment plants); water conservation efforts (unique dual-usage toilet and sink); commercial marketplace within each community (in order to drive job openings and earnings); paved roads, among many other benefits.
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Many homeowners and their children have already begun to move into our first development in Choloma, Honduras, with thousands of others waiting to do so as well (upon completion). Already, there is a sense of community and pride among the residents, with the sheer possibility (and realization) of owning a home. Additionally, their children are provided ample recreational opportunities in a safe environment, along with the chance to afford their families the chance to experience a sustainable and healthy living. Success is most accurately measured through the number of citizens we are able to bring into our projects. Coupled with the pride we, as an organization, are approaching such an initiative with, there is little doubt in our minds that citizens will exponentially improve their quality of life. Therefore we are impassioned with the will to fully realize these projects' potential and will stop at nothing to do so.
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Hogares Latinos (HOLA)
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Hogares Latinos (HOLA)

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101 - 1,000

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More than 10,000

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To date, there is one major (potential) issue our project faces: Funding. Traditionally, projects of this magnitude are subjected to processes that may prevent their full realization (funding and bureaucracy). Therefore, HOLA opted to shoulder the initial economic burden, in an effort to fully realize its potential and outreach as soon as possible, to then seek funding. Our goal is to expand internationally, consequently we are examining all phases that would assist in preventing any possible issues.

How will your project evolve over the next three years?

International expansion (outside of Honduras) is the focal point. HOLA - Hogares Latinos (Latin Homes) is not solely focused upon providing homes in Latin America, therefore we fully intend on introducing this initiative globally. As with any other organizations, there is a level of education on our part, which we will absorb. Whether it is efficiency, manners of expansion, design, or structure, we are dedicated toward honing our craft. We are self-described sponges for information and guidance, and are focused upon furthering our cause in all capacities.

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Our ultimate plan to grow and/or diversify our base of support is rooted in approaching corporations that are invested in improving humanity's quality of life. Maintaining the recreation (soccer fields and playgrounds) centers, water treatment facilities, roadways, gated entrances, garbage dispensers, etc. provides opportunities for sponsorship by companies. Developing these relationships and acquiring their support allows for the intended expansion, while also maintaining the current facilities functioning at their best.

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Design, Technology, Labor, Property rights, Sanitation, Water, Infrastructure, Energy conservation, Green housing, Income generation, Rural development, Citizen/community participation, Public policy.

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The barriers many Latin American countries face are developmental issues. HOLA is focused upon providing affordable, secure housing for individuals that otherwise feel hopeless in terms of permanent home ownership. This lack of infrastructure fosters a sense of instability and insecurity that many residents strive to achieve, in order to provide their families with the proper environment in which to prosper. The current project will contain 3500 homes, as well as house ~16,000-19,000 residents.

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