urban house design by focusing on the courtyards and open spaces

urban house design by focusing on the courtyards and open spaces

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Urban fabric has two fundamental parts, one building mass and the other open spaces such as courtyards ,voids and un-built parts. The interactions of these makes sustainability .Accordingly Urban house designing with emphasize on open spaces will make miraculous changes to achieve sustainability . open spaces including courtyards, voids, and spaces between buildings should be given as much thought as the buildings mass but contemporary architecture and urban housing focus on building mass and solid poche and as a result, building places in environment as a sculpture.
In this idea courtyards aren’t only the rest of the building design but also they have a fundamental function .

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it benefits all and specially everyone including the urban housing sectors.This project is critical because it aims to create a good interaction between buildings and their natural surroundings through the interrelationship of house buildings to the nature and open areas about them. Also designing urban houses with focus on courtyards helps in Energy conservation, creating green houses , production and prevalence of personal green spaces , increasing Responsibility about protection of open spaces specially courtyards of the house .

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Building design by focusing on the open spaces is Unique Feature of this project. The basic role of opens paces specially courtyards is whatever makes this project unique. Based on this idea courtyards , that are enormous part of urban fabric, have targeted design , determined size, orientation and designed shape. In fact , not only courtyards aren’t the residue of the building design but also the mass of building follows them.
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Based on my study Iranian traditional architecture is a clear case of sustainable architecture.I sought the factors of sustainability in Iranian vernacular towns and I found that determinant role of open spaces had fantastic effect on creating sustainability. With no doubt we can pull out some patterns from traditional architecture as a good sample of sustainability to bring change .
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I searched on Iranian traditional architecture as a sustainable architecture ,according my research I found :
Even though architecture get significant and meaningful by closed space and open space, open spaces such as central courtyards have had a main role in Iranian traditional architecture .. In other words, the existence of Iranian architecture depends on open spaces .Unfortunately in contemporary architecture of Iran, open spaces have encountered challenge of identity change . contemporary cities and buildings are criticized for lack of concern about voids and open spaces between buildings. according to my research I believe that for creating sustainable cities we should pay special attention to the courtyards in urban fabrics because they are enormous part of our cities that have been put aside

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1,001 - 10,000

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One of the barriers is some incorrect legislations in Building construction that ignore open spaces especially courtyards in house building designing. At the first step we need some changes and innovations in National Building Regulations those will consider courtyards in urban house designing.
The other important step is making changes in educating methods of architecture .we must look to the open spaces specifically in teaching urban house designing .the location of courtyards, their size , orientation and forms are the most important things in house designing process.
I had two articles in the National Building Regulations conferences and I have correspondence by subordinate organizations to the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development.
On the other hand I am teaching hous

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First stage is making changes in wrong criteria and rules and afterwards the new building construction should obey new rules those Focuses on voids and open space such as courtyard in urban house planning and residential New building permits should be issued based on new laws.
This project can be done on some neighborhoods in the beginning and it will be expanded in more areas later.

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Only at the idea phase.

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Plan to take up the mater with the government , the subordinate organizations to the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development and with the NGO's including the housing sector.

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